Sound Clips for some Basic Words and Expressions

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English Inuktitut
father ataata
mother anaana
son irniq
daughter panik
husband uik
wife nuliaq
water imiq
food niqi
snow aput
Yes ii
No aakka
Thank you qujannamiik
How are you? qanupit (Real Audio)
What is your name? kinauvit
I want to go home angirraqsiqpunga
I want to take a photo ajjiliurijumavunga
I feel warm uquuvunga


Ayaya Songs

The folk, ayaya, is fundamental to Inuit culture. Through ayaya songs, Inuit tell stories, make jokes, and express one¡¦s individual sentiments, which is a concept virtually sacred to Inuit. These songs intended to express the singer¡¦s individuality. Early ayaya songs were passed between relations to mark a special bond. They were free of any structure but that of rhythm "A-YA-YA-YA, a-ya-ya, a-ya-ya..." People mostly expressed great emotions in ayaya songs, such as sadness, joy, or sheer wonder.

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Anita Iblauk     Annie Sewoee     James Konek