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Welcome to my "Vintage" Site where you'll find collections of my favorite"Crooners" from pre 1950.

The music selections contained herein are in .wav format and it is recommended that for proper enjoyment you should have appropriate plug - ins to play the selections. Links to some suggested plug - ins and players can be found on "My Links Page"

Best enjoyment may be found using Internet Explorer version 5 or greater and a connection via cable or DSL. Minimum connection on a 56K modem is recommended.

The links to various Crooners should be working, but if not, please notify me using feedback badge

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It is to be understood that the music collection is listed here for listening enjoyment only and I accept no legal liability for misuse of any of these selections as in regard to any and all copyrights which may or not be applied to any selection contained within these pages.

The songs on these sites are copyrighted by the respective artist and are placed here for entertainment purposes only. No profits are made for this site from their use. Please support these artists and purchase their music if you like it.



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