Here is Christopher Kennedy Masterson. Does he look familiar? It's Francis from Malcome in the Middle!
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It's Daryn Jones! He is a DJ for Kiss92 in Toronto. I've met him once, at a Backstreet Boys concert. He is so sweet, and ao sexy!!! If you live in the Toronto area, his radio show is on Sunday nights from 7 till 9 (92.5 FM). He also has a TV show, The Buzz, which airs Sunday nights at 11 on the Comedy Network.
You have to recognize this guy! It's Jimmy Fallon from Saturday Night Live! I don't know much about him, but his characters are so funny!
Well, these guys are a little too old fro the "Hot boys" category... maybe Hot men"? It's Luke and Owen Wilson. They're kinda old, but so cute! Um... Luke was in Home Fries and Blue Streak, Owen has been in The Haunting, Anaconda, and Shanghi Noon. They've also starred in a movie together, but I don't know what it's called :)
Even more hotties!
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