For those of you who know me, you may be wondering why I have a *NSTIN... oops, *NSYNC page. To tell you the truth, I was wondering the exact same thing... I suppose it's for my friends who like this group...ahem, *Kaitlyn*. I DO NOT LIKE NSYNC, okay??? Now that we got that straight, what's new with NSYNC? Um.... they preformed at Superbowl XXXV Sunday January 28(Nick Carter's birthday, and, according to Kaitlyn, Joey's as well). They did halftime with Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Nelly, and Mary J. Blige. Meh, the show was okay, but I still couldn't get over BSB singing the national anthem :) hehehe... what else... um.... Justin is going out with Britney Spears*skank*. They reciently bought a house together, and, according to Britney, are NOT sleeping together. Ya right. Whatever. Believe her if you want, I don't. I do however admit to owning a Nsync CD. I have their 1st one, and have listened to it a total of... two times. I don't have their new CD and do not intend on getting it. Should I put up some more Nsync pics? meh, maybe. ya probably. hey, make sure to go to my BSB page if you havn't already :) It's still under construction though :) Lates :) ~Bo
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Here they are at the Superbowl... from l to r, Justin, Aerosmith, some girl who looks nothing like Britney Spears, Nelly, and Lance.
Here, I'll share some more of my Nsync knowledge with you all... I know why the group is called Nsync...
I have no idea how they thought that up... whatever :)
Is it true that Nsync is breaking up??? I heard on the radio and from a few people that Justin was leaving the group! He *thinks he has what it takes to go solo*! Hmmm... I wonder if Britney has anything to do with this... If he is leaving, it will be *sometime this summer*, after the group's third album is released, or so I have heard.