I honestly feel like I am the world's luckiest person. February 7th 2001 I get the pleasure of going to the BSB concert and being really close to the boys. Then, just over a week later on February 15th, I get to go to the Soul Decision concert! I'll start at the beginning of my night. I went with my mom, and we got to the Music Hall around 6:30. The concert didn't start untill 8, so we had lots of time. Our seats were row 20, which were pretty good. I don't think that there was a bad seat in the house. Anyways, so we went to McDonalds for dinner, then went back to the hall. Mo-D from Kiss92 was outside by the Kiss Hummer, and we asked him if he had given out the front row tickets yet. He said no, so we asked for them. He said then that if he hadn't given them out *to someone who didn't even have tickets* by 8:00, we would get them. So for 1.5 hrs we waited in the cold in hopes that we would get them. Another pair of girls were waiting also, and we talked to eachother a lot.
They were really nice. I know one of their name's was Sophia, but I forget the other's name *sorry:)* The three of us were on the top 7 at 7 together too. So 7:55 came around, and we were so ready to win the tickets. It was only us trying to get them, so either way i had a 50 50 chance of winning. Mo-D then asked the question... *who is the newest addition to the Kiss crew?* I answered correctly... *Too Tall Trev*!!! I won! I gave my old seats to Sophia and her friend cause they were better than her's. And I had front row centre! Ricky J opened and he sang lots of songs, and ended with *No Means No* It was good. Then Tarzan Dan came out and introduced... SOUL DECISION!!! They were RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! It was such a good concert! I swear to God, Trevor looked at me so many times! I touched his hand too :) And I also handed him a picture I drew:) At one point he sat off the end of the stage, right in front of me!!! AHHHHH!!! Near the end of the concert the security guards dissappeared or something cause all of a sudden i was surrounded by girls, so I didn't have too good a view. I took 2 roles worth of pictures though :)
After the concert people who owned special passes got to stay and meet the band, so we had to leave. But we waited in the lobby for a while, and met Ricky J, and Thrust *the guy who raps in faded* and the bass player. We begged them to take us back into the theatre to meet Trevor Ken and Dave, but they said that they couldn't and were really sorry. So a while later we tried to sneak in *Me and 3 other girls* but kept getting kicked out by secutity. Finally, Thrust saw us again, and said... Come on girls... We met Soul Decision!!! I got their autographs *shit... I ran out of film right then of course* and Trevor said he recognized my mom and I from the front row... he said to my mom also... hey, you were dancing too, right?... Then he did a little impersination of her!!! I almost melted! I shook all of their hands, and I am soooooo happy :) Man, they can sing, they're so gorgeous, and they are so sweet and kind!!!
Soul Decision Kicks Ass!!!!