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Howdy, I'm Hayseed, let me take a moment and tell you something about me....I'm what you may call one of those

Good Ole Boys. I may not have been born in the south
but I got here as soon as I could. About five months ago I
got my first computer & I have to tell you now I didn't know Jack. I went through two new puters in one week before I
figured out the proper way to shut them down. Someone ought had told me it didn't work like the radio. After I got
it going good the URL caught my attention, how do
they do that I ask myself. Well after a little reading and practicing I decided to give it a go..I only have a limited interest and even less ability but like most good old boys I'm willing to share.....
Look At This Tounge Honey!!
Fun Stuff
Blues Brothers
Chef Al E. Gator
Rock T. Worm
Junkyard Dog
The Olsen Twins
Cool Dude
Red & Dog
My Wife ;o)
Homer J.
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Love and Lost
Black Art
Moonlite Ride
You The Man
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