Haysi Rescue Squad



Haysi Rescue Squad, proudly serving Dickenson County.




About the Organization

Haysi Rescue Squad is a non-profit organization that has one goal, to serve its community.  It consists of Volunteers that take time out of their busy schedules to serve their community.

About the People

The People of “The Squad” are from all different walks of life, some of us do EMS work full-time, others just when they hear the tones set off.  The One-thing that makes this group efficient, is Teamwork. Teamwork gives these people the ability to do great things.


Recent Events

The Rescue Squad recently held a few fundraisers to raise money, both were extremely successful.


The Rescue Squad also received their new Unit 68. The unit was purchased from Wheeled Coach, which was made possible by the Rescue Squad assistance Fund. For more information on these unit click on the link, in the links section.