Death Is Callin'
5th Ward Boys featuring Flesh N Bone, 3D & Wildchild
oo7 (5th Ward)
Forgive me but I must smoke weed till I'm dead/ See, until these white folks come to get me/ Day to day hustle got my hands lookin' fucked up/ Chronic smoke clogs up my motherfuckin' lungs/ Stressin' Smith & Wesson in my left got me paranoid/ Bein' broke is something that a nigga can't afford/ So I stay hustlin' every day I'm hustlin' every night I'm hustlin' dealin' to these cluckas/ Whoopin' up these bustas stupid ass mark mathafuckas they used to double-O causin' ruckus/ All the shit I did in the past reflects on my ass today (That's why) That's why I'm clutchin' on this A-K

I be 3D and my heart has no repentence/ Slaughter is your sentence, my anger makes me relentless/ I'm walkin' through your hood killin' men, women and babies/ No discrimination, you'll all die and face Hades/ Look me in my eyes nigga, as you slowly die/ Don't let me hear you scream, don't let me see you cry/ Speak now little bitch or forever hold your peace/ Cauze after the bullets release, I'm utterin' "Rest In Peace" West and East/ My motherfuckin' name is spread awide/ I'm a laugh at your ass as they lay your aside/ Die! Die! Motherfucker, bye bye motherfucker, holler at ya/ The grave is where you lie motherfucker

Mobbin' ghetto ass niggas steady ballin' I'm stressin' I can even hear death callin'/ Mobbin' ghetto ass niggas steady ballin' I'm stressin' I can even hear death callin'

Lo Life (5th Ward)
They say I'm stupid and I'm startin' to believe that/ Stressin' burnin' big ol' sacs/ Creepin' with this big fat nasty ass gat/ How you gon' talk shit and ain't got a gun/ You must think that I be doin' this rap shit just for fun (you kiddin' right) Better get your Nikes movin' real fast (Buck bitch) when I blast stop and think of somethin' (Yeah) that I'm stupid and I'm quick to blast/ Bitch you better ask somebody fool, I brings that real shit (Real shit) Hennessy and Surb makes a nigga wanna kill bitch/ But... but maybe becauze of the way that I flex my shit (What) I'm keepin' all busta ass niggas up off of my dick (Buck...) with twin glocks and four extra clips/ You better be tryin' to get them ghosts fuckin' around with a stupid fuck'll get that ass buck bucked

E Rock (5th Ward)
Unfinished business I must handle/ Fresh back on my pistol man I wondered how I'd missed ya ol' busta ass, nigga/ Remember to back in the days when niggas got sprayed down/ Cauze most of them niggas that did that shit got killed or either on lockdown/ But me now in the game for slangin' the birds (Winnin' for most of that shit) In the game for what it was worth (None of them niggas approached that shit) Cauze I gets my blast on partner why ya bullshittin'/ Shit won't be the same without you livin'/ Nigga, now I either serve the time or serve my nine to these crooked ass cops to catch that ass outta line/ I wasn't see the motherfuckin' pen (I'd blast again) I wasn't tryin to serve ten (For these hoes again)


It's just another day (Word...) I gotta get paid by any means clip in a gauge (Word...) Aim to peel ya, pump kill ya, pump send 'em a trip to the grave/ Steadily buck and duck, now pray/ Ready, be tossed off in that coffin/ Froze, when I'm on that Rose anything goes/ Fo'Fo' hit 'em up in that forehead ho, we stroll/ Gotta get up in a sack of that dub/ Pump Pump! Mo' Thug we love mo' drugs now does you know you gots no money not hittin' my bud, and I got no love at all for bustas/ Fifth Dog come maulin' 'em all then takin' a loss and chalk it hustla/ My niggas, they paid, see how they crept when they came/ For the bitches that get slayed, wanna be brave, sendin' em home in they grave/ Banged, feelin' the pain all of my niggas stay insane/ Gotta get down for my thang and slang, swang like a pro man

Buck buckin' I gives a fuck so ya ass better duck when a nigga blast first/ Unless you wanna be the one that's carried off in a fuckin' hearse/ Becauze I'm real, packin' that steal for your motherfuckin' ass/ And I'm down on your motherfuckin' block with a muthafuckin' glock and I'm finna blast (motherfucker) He's afraid of the Duece Duece gettin' loose workin' that gin and juice/ The Wild Child with no smile, with the braids insane, swoopin' in a Coupe/ If you disrespect my set, nigga, your bitch ass better jet/ Cauze I'm young but packin' that gun better known as a fuckin' Tech/ So nigga raise up off my nut sack before I have to buck your ass with this big black gat/ This man's off to the otherside F-W-C (Fifth Ward Circle) That's them Fifth Ward G's cauze


What's up bitch (Lau Street strength) 007 (007) Silly assed nigga. 3D (3D, where you at fool. I see you too) 3D. Kill them fools (Stupid ass nigga) E Rock the stupid mohterfucker (E Rock) Buck! He don't give a damn about a goddamn thang. Lo Life that cocaine raiser (Lo Life that cocaine raiser) I see you up in the motherfuckin' house to do that shit. Yeah. Flesh N Bone. Bone Thugs N Harmony (Bone Thugs N Harmony) Give it up to the Bang Bang. And that Wild Child, Tre Duece (Tre Duece) in the motherfuckin' house (Boy you crazy) You know we mobbin' ghetto ass niggas steady ballin' we stressin' smokin' weed fuckin' ho's and gettin' drunk. That's how we do it in the 9-5. Mob Bitch.
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