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Walking in a winter wonderland.

I welcome you to the home of the infamouse Tiger-chan, one of the great chans one seems to know and can't help but to love.  This site is dedicated to my friends, and all of those days spent in classes, doodling on scrap paper and getting in trouble for passing notes to Pepper during Spanish class. You can find just about anything here, pics I've drawn, pics I've gotten as gifts, fan art, art trades, requests I've done, a manga or two I'm currently working on, everything there is to know about Tiger, and her creator and a few ficticious stories I've written.  I hope you enjoy what you see, and feel free to drop me a line.  Thank you, and good day. 

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Everything is copyrighted legally on this site, so if I catch you stealing... guess what? I can bring your hide to court, and I won't hesitate.  All I ask is that you respect my work, without ripping me off and calling it your own.  Do you know how much time I put into this to maintain it?  And hours... of hard spent drawing time?  I don't think so.  So please, do not take anything off this site, unless you want a death wish.  Everything (c) Rebelliously Inc. 2000 - 2004.