Somebody lookin for a kitty?
Lucky you.
Hmmmm... let's see...

I'm 22 years old. Single. Sometimes looking and sometimes not. I have a degree in journalism and am working on my master's in computer and information sciences.  I enjoy vodka sours and bud light, staying in and going out, football and makeup. I have a
picture page. Well... I have two.  I don't have any kids, but i have plants... some of them are still alive. ha. I live, work, and go to school in Cleveland, Ohio.

Some of the things I love: dancing, music,
livejournal, men, snow, frogs, plants, professional wrestling, flirting, dressing up, kids, Jennifer Lopez (she's my idol), getting all snuggly and warm on my couch, getting flowers, pop rocks, the color blue, candles, sex toy parties, my car, pen pals, talking on the phone .  There's more, so instant message me or email me if you want to find out!
Take a look at my picture pages:

Me and my girls!     Me and my boys!
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Mess with me and I'll get my karate kid to kick your---