His Highness Hidiv
II. Abbas Hilmi Paşa
Hidiv of Misir (Egypt), Sudan and Taşoz
Born at Üçüncü sarayi, Alexandria, on 14 July 1874, educated at Abidin sarayi school, then at Switzerland before joinimg the Theresianische Akademie, Vienna. Succeeded on the death of his father on 7 January 1892. Deposed following the declaration of a British protectorate over Egypt on 18 December 1914, abdicated all his rights at Lausanne on 12 May 1931. He died at Geneva on 20 December 1944, and was buried at the Afifi Türbesi in Cairo where his tomb's marble was brutally removed.

Married at Cairo on 19 November 1895 (divorced in 1900), HH Princess Ikbal Kadinefendi, born at Cairo, 22 October 1876, died at Kudus on 10 February 1941.
At Çubuklu, Turkey, 28 February 1910 (divorced 7 August 1913), Cinan Cevidan Hanim formerly Countess Marianne-May Török von Szendrö. Born at Philadelphia on 15 June 1877, died at her house, Wittekweg 7, Graz, Austria on 5 August 1968 and was buried at the Leonhardfriedhof with only the words "Djanan Djavidan" on the gravestone.


HH Princess Emine. Born at Montaza sarayi, Alexandria, on 12 February 1895. Died in 1954.
HH Princess Atiyetulah. Born at Cairo on 9 June 1896. Died in 1971.
HH Princess Fethiye. Born at Cairo, 27 November 1897. Died at Hüluvvan on 30 November 1923.
HRH Prince Mehmet Abdülmunim, born at Montaza sarayi, Alexandria on 20 February 1899, married in 1940 Neslişah Osmanoğlu (born 4 February 1921 at Dolmabahçe sarayi) . Died at his house in Istanbul on Saturday 1 December 1979 and was buried at the Afifi Türbesi in Cairo
HH Princess Lütfiye-Şevket. Born at Cairo on 29 September 1900.
Prince Mehmet Abdülkadir. Born on 4 February 1902. Died at Berlin, on 21 April 1919.
Theresianische Akademie
On 12 November 1895, Nubar Pasha completed his fifty years of service, and, accepting a pension, retired from office. He lived little more than three years longer, spending his time between Cairo and Paris, where he died in January 1899 at the age of seventy
HH Princess
Abbas II Cabinet Meeting, 1894, pencil and watercolour, 17 x 10.2 in. (43.5 x 26 cm).
Private collection of Ahmed Guineid