His Highness Hidiv
Ismail Paşa
Hidiv of Misir (Egypt), Sudan and Taşoz
Born at Cairo, on Tuesday 12 January 1830, educated at Mektip-i Aali at Hanke, then, in Austria before joining the Egyptain Military School in Paris. Succeeded his uncle Sait Paşa as Vali of Egypt, on 18 June 1863. Confirmed in the title of 'Hidiv' (Khedive) of Egypt with the style of Highness, and the establishment of male primogeniture in the succession by Imperial Ottoman Firman 27 May 1866. Deposed by the Ottoman Sultan on 26 June 1879.

His Highness the Khedive Ismail died at Emirgan, on Saturday 2 March 1895 at 8:05 a.m. His coffin arrived at Alexandria on Sunday 10 March 1895 onboard the "Tevfik Rubani". The funeral procession left Cairo train station at 8 a.m. on Tuesday 12 March 1895 an ended at the final burial vault in the Rifaii Royal Mosque, Cairo.
Wives & concubines
Bezm-i Alem. Died in 1872
Cemal-i Nur Hanim. Died in 1876.
Şefeknur Hanim. Died on 17 March 1884.
Misl-Melek Hanim. Died on 22 February 1889.
Şuhret-Feza Hanim. Died in 1895.
Hur-Cenan Kadin. Died on 15 January 1900.
Feriyal Hanim. Died at Cairo on 21 February 1902.
Cihan-Şah Kadin. Died on 25 January 1905.
Misl-Cihan Kadin. Died at Istanbul.
m-Ifet Hanim. Died on 11 November 1907.
Cenaniyar Hanim. Died on 12 December 1912
Nur-Felek Hanim. Died at Mamure Sarayi, Alexandria on Tuesday 15 August 1916. Buried at Imam-i Şafii next day at 4 p.m.
Neşedil Kadin. Died at Nice, France, on 30 January 1924.
Feleknaz Kadin.

Princess Tevhide. Born on 2 August 1850, died at Cairo on 3 October 1888.
Hidiv Mehmet Tevfik. Born on 30 April 1852, died at Huluvven on 7 January 1892.
Princess Fatme. Born on 3 January 1853, died at Cairo on 18 November 1920.
HH Sultan Hüseyin Kamil. Born on 21 November 1853, died at Cairo on 9 October 1917.
Prince Hasan Paşa. Born on 30 December 1854, died at Istanbul on 23 March 1888.
Princess Zeynep. Born in 1859, died on 19 August 1875.
Prince Ibrahim Ilhami Pasa. Born on 18 October 1860, died at Nice on 15 March 1927, buried at Rifaii Mosque.
Prince Mahmut Hamdi Paşa. Born on 6 March 1863, died at Cairo on 17 September 1921.
Princess Emine. Born in 1864, died in infancy.
Princess Nazli. Born in 1867, died in infancy.
HM King Ahmet Fuat. Born on 26 March 1868, died at Cairo on 28 April 1936.
Prince Reşit. Born in 1869, died in 1873.
Princess Cemile-Fazile. Born at Istanbul in 1869, died in Istanbul in 1896.
Princess Emine-Azize. Born on 24 September 1875, died on 9 September 1931.
Prince Ali Cemal Paşa. Born on 1875, died in 1892.
Princess Nimetulla. Born 24 September 1875, died on 21 June 1945.
Çeşm-Ifet Hanim
Şefeknur Hanim
Neşedil Kadin
Cenaniyar Hanim