His Highness Hidiv
Mehmet Tevfik Paşa
Hidiv of Misir (Egypt), Sudan and Taşoz
Born at Cairo on 30 April 1852, educated in Egypt. Became Heir Apparent as a due to change in succession rules on 28 May 1866. Succeeded on the deposition of his father, 25 June 1879. Died at the Hüluvvan sarayi on the afternoon of 7 January 1892 after a brief illness of one week being attended to by his doctor Hamdi Paşa. He was buried on 8 January 1892 at Afifi Türbesi, Cairo.
Married at the Kasr-i Aali sarayi, Cairo, on 19 January 1873, HH Princess Emine-Nacibe Hanimefendi, born at Istanbul on 24 May 1858; died at Bebek, Istanbul, on 19 June 1931, buried at Afifi Türbesi, Cairo. Eldest daughter of HH Damad Prince Ibrahim Ilhami Paşa, by his first wife HIH Princess Münire Sultan, tenth daughter of HIM Sultan I. Abdulmecid.

HH II. Abbas Hilmi, Hidiv (Khedive) of Egypt.
HRH Prince Mehmet Ali. Born at the Kubbe sarayi, Cairo, on 9 November 1875, educated at Victoria College in Alexandria and Chateau de Lancy, Geneva. Heir Presumptive 7 January 1892 to 20 February 1899, 9 October 1917 to 11 February 1920, 28 April 1936 to 16 January 1952, and 26 July 1952 to 18 July 1953. President of the Council of Regency from 28 April 1936 to 29 July 1937. Granted the style of Royal Highness 28 April 1936.
HH Princess Nazli. Born on 11 April 1877, died at Cairo in 1879.
HH Princess Fahr-i Nisa Hatice. Born at Cairo on 2 May 1879. Married at Istanbul on 31January 1895, HH Prince Mehmet Abbas Halim Paşa. She died at Hüluvvan, 22 February 1951 and was buried at Afifi Türbesi, Cairo.
HSH Princess Nimetulla. Born at Cairo on 5 November 1881, married (first) at Cairo on 8 January 1896 (div. 14 November 1903), Mehmet KemalTosun Paşa, (second) at Cairo on 5 May 1904, HSH Prince Hüseyin Kemalettin. She died in 1966, and was buried at Afifi Türbesi, Cairo.
HRH Princess
Emine-Nacibe Hanimefend
HRH Prince
Mehmet Ali Tevfik
Children of HH The Khedive, 1884
Oil on canvas
Manyal sarayi, Cairo