musical stylings of j.j. ploughman

This Poor Life
My Uncle In Washington
(Maybe you're a) Princess

Stillwater Shame
Harder Than a Stone
Heaven Hurry Me (v1)
Heaven Hurry Me (v2)
I Ain't The Man

Trip Thru Tears
Tired And Wired*
Starlight On
It Takes A Lot of Pull
Having a Fit
Jamming With the Aliens
Darwin's Last Broadcast
Got Something

* I didn't write the songs marked with asterisks, though I wrote all the electric guitar parts. They are included because they represent a style of guitar-playing that I don't present elsewhere...

All the other songs are my compositions.
Jamming at the old 8x10... Playing harp to a slowed down Blondie song (Dreaming) at the Cat's Eye Pub...
One of several live gigs on WRNR... In York, Pennsylvania at Grand Falloons...
Cats Eye Charles Street Beer Festival where a crazed fan, once again, ripped away my shirt, and exposed Janet Jackson's breast... Old 8x10 gig, where a Hazey Jane fan starts the trend that culminated at the Super Bowl. She ripped away my shirt, and exposed Janet Jackson's breast... Old 8x10 gig, where a Hazey Jane fan rips away my pants exposing Michael Jackson's penis...

This is what I look like - clearly nothing to brag about here... But I am fun to watch in a live situation - so I am told... or at least, funny to watch - so I am told... I actually have hair; but, it helps with ADHD to hide behind a hat ;-)

Musician's Resume
Jeff Ploughman Guitarist/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist

Here is an advertisement of my wares with the point of: forming a creative partnership and making some music - original music (or covers played as originals.)

Ideally, there is a original band out there that needs a guitar player/multi-instrumentalist and is willing to share songwriting; however, I am just as eager to work with a singer who wants to make a demo and needs a unique sound.

Here are some songs that I've written and performed over the last 5 years. There is a lot of stuff here - the hi-lites are (IMO): (Upbeat: I ain't the man, princess, uncle in washington; Mellow: This Poor Life, Harder than a stone, trip thru tears.)

Hazey Jane (1999 - 2000)
Hazey Jane was a cool idea - but, not much more than that... not too many gigs... I wrote these songs back in the mid 90's, seeking the rock sound of the mid to late 60's. Mostly, I play guitars, synth, and lapsteel. I wrote the lyrics, most vocal parts and music. I do not sing the lead vocals.

This Poor Life
This was compared to Paul Westerberg, but I was going for a ragged version of "the Band" sound. Check out the harmonies in the last verse. The lapsteel belonged to Johnny Hickman, guitarist extraordinary from Cracker.

A surf-punk nugget from the mid-90's. 52 Telecaster thru an early 60's silvertone. My backing vocals confirm that singing is an art form...

Psychedelic pop inspired by Graham Hancock's nonsense... I play rhythm guitar on this track. The outro three part harmony is fun.

My Uncle In Washington
What is 60's rock-n-roll without a political element? Ok, so it's not the 60's. I wanted to write that great wierd protest song - like Donovan hanging out at the Big Pink. That subterranean ooze sound is a Roland guitar synth.

This great song is not my song, but, I played lapsteel and electric guitar on it.

Thank You Girl
This great song is also not my song, but, I played electric guitar on it.

Hazey Jane (II) (2001 - 2003)
I wrote most of these songs after I moved to northern California in early 2000. When I came back, the 3 original members of Hazey Jane got together to reform. Hazey Jane (II) was much more than a cool idea - many gigs, radio, TV even... But, the seeds of dissent were already sown in Hazey Jane. Personal problems got the best of us, but, several extremely hot gigs, and some really cool tunes resulted...

For these recordings, we were being used as guinea pigs by Sheffield Studios resulting in bizarre, half mixes...

The songs go for the sound of the late 60's - early 70's. I play guitars, synth, and lapsteel. I wrote the lyrics, most of the vocal parts and music. However, I do not sing the lead or the harmony vocals.

I Ain't the Man
Here is a white-boy rap-n-roll - old school. It was reviewed as sounding Stonesy. I'll take that. This is the sound I'd like to go for live - bandwise./

Going for old-school country soul... But, the vocals are very ragged here and the guitar way too trebly... (thanks Sheffield students!) We did this tune live on WRNR, and it souded great...

Harder than a Stone
Oasis does a good Abbey Road-era beatles, so, why can't I? The mix of the lead guitar is not very kind; and, the cacophony at the end the second solo could have used some editing; but, it is kinda cool...

Stillwater Shame
Once again, the student at sheffield left gutar mixing til last... and then forgot... So there is some guitar... but, the student lost two really good leads ... and just randomly applied faders....

Heaven Hurry Me v1
Ok, here is the demo track for my Stones tribute.

Heaven Hurry Me v2
At this point, the band had become hopelessly ill. We all hated each other and it showed in the playing (IMO)... brought in a sax player... I wanted a rawer sound. Singing and drumming are at odds with what I wanted... At that point, I think they all wanted to out-funk each other...

Telegraphs (Summer 2003)
Alright, so I got really disillusioned with the funky-jam that HZ-2 wanted to play. I wanted to do something really different for a bit... I play guitar, synth, and piano on these.

Tired and Wired
I wanted that Yardbirds-kinda thing. This was recorded at practice, so the sonics are not the best. I played better solo's, but this one is ok.

I play the guitar in this shoe gazer...

Trip through tears
Ephemeral... I play the piano. I programmed the loops, drums, produced the track, wrote the progression and some of the lyrics.

Experiments (2000 - 2003)
These are experiments in recording. Soundtrack style... I used whatever I could: samples, synths, guitars, bass, vox, etc...

I have vocals for this stuff... but, well, I have been focusing on writing with an acoustic guitar - regular songs... Nevertheless, experiments are fun...

Jamming with the Aliens
One late, star-filled night, I was walking home from band practice... Fortunately, my cell phone recorded the event... the abduction... by George Clinton's mothership...

This is a soundtrack to a software virus as it attacks your machine. Dedicated to a spy I know.

Dance like you have spy pants on.

Starlight On
Space is a vacuum, and stars don't "turn on" at night... ok, fine, this is what tha sounds like.

Got Something
Backing track to a groovy little song I am working on...

I'm Having a Fit
One of my first experiments in live looping...

Sub-bass and periphery guitar insanity.

I wrote a song on guitar and tried to "arrange" it with loops... The acoustic version is better, IMO.

Darwin's Last Broadcast
Sending messages out into the night...

It takes a lot of pull
Sampled my danelectro...