HazeysPets Animal Rescue
Dedicated to all the animals in need,
and to all the rescues who will help them.
We need foster homes!

A foster home is just a place that will keep an animal until we can get it spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and into a new home. More foster homes means more animals rescued!
If you're interested in fostering an animal e-mail us at
hazeyspets@hotmail.com or call 602-532-9419
Lost and Found Pet Services
Lost or found a pet? Need help?
We make flyers, search the
neighborhood, talk to neighbors,
check the pounds and local shelters,
search the classifieds, etc.
Services are free, we want to help
get these pets back home!
Check out
Fundraiser ideas needed!
If you have an idea for a good fundraiser, please e-mail it to us at
Giving up a pet?

If you are thinking about giving up a pet for any reason, please do not take it to a kill shelter!
Many people are under the impression that the pound (Maricopa County Animal Care and
Control) is the only kill shelter in the area. This is not true. The Humane Society, though it has
reduced the numbers of animals put down, it still euthanizes animals.

There are a number of options you can try before giving up an animal. If it is absolutely necessary that you give up the animal, there are no-kill organizations who will help.

Contact us with details of your situation. We will help if we can, and if we can't we will direct you to someone who can.