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End of the Invasion? 8-26-01>
- We could see the begining of a breakup between some WCW & ECW stars.  Tazz's defection may occur as early as this week, and more may soon follow.  But don't expect it to happen all at once.  The WWF still plans on running WCW as a seperate promotion and it's expected that WCW will began a seperate, tour, show, and storylines as early as February of 2002.  The WWF may continue to have crossover appearences with WCW, but for now, the Invasion will continue.

Minor News Notes 8-25-01>
- Paul Heyman is denying the accusations that MECW owner/promoter John Collins is making towards him, regarding the cancellation of airline tickets reserved for MECW talent.

-  Tazz has been getting mixed reviews from WWF management as of late.  Some are unhappy with his commentating, others are pleased with it.  Some are even saying that he complains more now than he did when he was in ECW.  Funny that this is the same guy who hates to hear his students complain on Tought Enough.

- The Tough Enough Live Finale has been pushed back a week to September 20th due to the fact that the MTV Video Music Awards are airing on Thursday September 6th.

- The Final rating for this weeks episode of SmackDown was a 4.3 with a 7.0 share.  The same as last weeks.

- Currently the WWF feels that Shawn Michaels is to unreliable to invest any time in him as of now.  Michaels claims that he's not ready to return to the ring.

- WWF Writers feel that the Spike Dudley/Molly Holly angle has run its course and a breakup is imminent.

DDP Surgery Update 8-24-01>
- Diamond Dallas Page underwent surgery on Thursday to repair a torn meniscus and other knee damage.  An MRI that Page had on Thursday revealed the tear.  Dr. William Armstrong, who performed the surgey, says that Page will have to miss a month of action.

WrestleMania 18 Location To Be Announced 8-24-01>
- Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman, Ontario Premier Mike Harris, and WWF officials are expected to announce that the location of WrestleMania 18 will be held in Toronto.  Although, nothing can be officially confirmed as of yet, the announcement is expected to take place on September 3rd at the "Thank You, Toronto" rally prior to the RAW is WAR event later that day in Toronto.

WrestleMania 18 Information 8-24-01>
- When the WWF officially announces Toronto as the location of WrestleMania 18, attendence will be based on this; including the SkyDome Hotel, three restraunts at the venue, and the reconfiguration of floor seating, WrestleMania is expected to have an attendence of around 70,000.  WrestleMania 18 will take place on March 17th, 2002.

McMahon Involvement Backstage 8-24-01>
- Apparently Vince McMahon wrote the finale for this past weeks RAW (Austin Tribute, Angle and the Milk Truck).  Vince has been doing a lot of hands on work with the writing for the past few weeks, and is said to be getting more one on one with the superstars.  Namely Austin and the Rock.

- Shane McMahon hasn't been coming up with a lot of ideas like he used to, but instead, has been tweaking ideas already thought up by the writers and others.  When Shane "tweaks" ideas, he's said to be a little overzealous.  He suggested that DDP be given the last ride from the top of the cage at SummerSlam.

- Stephanie McMahon has been a good sport with the recent angle where Jericho has been mocking her implants.  She said it was okay with her if it got Jericho over with the fans.  She's been so enthusiastic about Jericho as of late, that she opted to be gored accidentally by Rhyno during his match with Jericho at SummerSlam.  Triple H however had to pull Stephanie aside and talk her out of it.

Sara Not Sticking Around Long 8-24-01>
- It's being said that when the feud between Diamond Dallas Page and the UnderTaker ends, the WWF may no longer use Sara in any of their current angles.

MECW Money Problems Heymans Fault? 8-24-01>
- Apparently, John Collins, the man in charge of MECW, is blaming Paul Heyman for the recent cancellation of plane tickets for MECW wrestlers.  Collins didn't say why he thinks this, but in a seperate statement Collins said that he'd be steeping into the background of MECW since he's inexperienced at running a wrestling promotion.  Maybe Collins should just admitt that he can't add or subtract.  He should probably go to community college and take Business Finance.

Nash Returning To The WWF 8-24-01>
- The WWF management is trying to turn Vince away from the idea of hiring back Kevin Nash.  The management is against this decision because Kevin Nash had a manipulative attitude and a poor work ethic when he was with the WWF a few years back.  However Vince is still high on Nash because of his size and the fact that they've remained friends since Nash left the WWF back in 1996.

Steiners Foot Healing 8-23-01>

- Scott Steiners foot is healing well, but he's not quite ready to return to the ring.  His AOL/Time Warner contract ends in December, and the general feel is that Steiner will join the WWF based on what he and Jim Ross have said about it

MECW Money Problems 8-23-01>

- Apparently MECW has been experiencing mpney problems as of late.  These problems have mainly occured with travel agencies.  A few wrestlers went to check in at the airport but apparently their tickets had been cancelled by the travel agency.  As a result they were late for the show, having to pay for the tickets with their own money.  Other agencies are claiming money owed by MECW will not make any other travel arrangements until they're paid

Direct TV & WWF Making A Deal? 8-23-01>

- Apparently the World Wrestling Federation and Direct TV want to make a deal, but no agreement has been arranged between the two as of yet.  Apparently both are desperate to make this deal, as both companies would stand to lose over $1 million per Pay-Per-View not shown on Direct TV

Jericho Injury Update 8-22-01>

- The reason Jericho wrestled on RAW, after everyone said he wouldn't due to his possible concussion, is because he was actually feeling better.  The MRI that Jericho had on Monday revealed that he had no concussion.

RAW Sets Record In The UK 8-22-01>

- Last weeks episode of RAW set a new ratings record in the United Kingdom.  The episode was watched by 480,000 viewers and was the highest rated episode of RAW is WAR in the UK

WWF & UPW Commerical For Worlds Series 8-22-01>

- One of the WWF's training camps, and independent promotion, Ultimate Pro Wrestling, will be making a commerical with the WWF that will air during the World Series.  The WWF stars that will be in the commercial will be the Hardy Boyz, Kane, Edge, & Bradshaw.  The UPW stars that will be in the Commercial will be Smelly, Cubanito Ricky Reyes, Tom Howard, Frankie Kazarian.  The WWF has experience in commercials that air during sporting events.  During the 1999 Superbowl they aired their famous "Attitude" commercial, and during the 2000 Superbowl they debuted three less popular "Attitude" commercials

WWF Addresses Direct TV Situation 8-21-01
- The WWF released a statement on today, addressing the current situation with Direct TV:

While we make every effort to distribute our monthly live Pay-Per-View events through every possible channel, please be aware that as of now, WWFE's Unforgiven Pay-Per-View on September 23, 2001, will not be available on Direct TV.  Please contact you local cable operator or satellite provider for availability in you area.

Our first priority is to the millions of our loyal Federation fans.  We will continue to update all of you on any change in the situation with Direct TV

Trojan Sponsering Unforgiven 8-21-01
-  That's right, it may sound a little wierd, but Trojan Condoms, the worlds most used condom, will be sponsering next months Pay-Per-View.  Like all sponsers of WWF Pay-Per-View, Trojan will be holding an online contest giving away free tickets to Unforgiven, as well as other great prize

WWF To Announce 2nd Quarter Report 8-21-01
- This Thursday at 11 A.M. EST, the WWF Chief Executive Officer, Linda McMahon, and the WWF Chief Financial Officer, August Liguori, will hold a press confrence to announce the 2nd Quarter Earnings of 2001 for the World Wrestling Federatio

Jeff & RVD Selling Injuries 8-21-0
- jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam didn't wrestle last night as both of them are selling their Hardcore Championship Ladder Match at SummerSlam.  Neithe of the two are really injure

RAW is WAR Ratings 8-21-01
- This weeks episode of RAW is WAR received a composite of 5.2 with an 8.2 share, which is the same as last weeks.  Hour 1 scored a 5.1, and Hour 2 scored a 5.2.  The overrun did a 5.9, which is up from last weeks 5.4.  I guess Kurt Angles milk escipade was more exciting than the end of the Rock's & Booker T's Lights Out Matc

Shawn Stasiak Actual Goof ? 8-21-01
- During the Austin Tribute sketch last night, Shawn Stasiak messed up his lines on more than one occasion.  Well it turns out that this wasn't a work like so many thought, but that he was actually messing up his lines.  Writers weren't agrivated, but were infact enjoying the hilarity of it all.  They thought it fit together with his current "Goffball" gimmic

Extreme Comedy Wrestling 8-21-01
- Last night after the members of the alliance returned to the back following the Austin Tribute sketch, everyone broke out laughing.  Most especially the members of Extreme Championship Wrestling.  Coming from a Hardcore/Extreme enviorment, none of them has ever participated in anything as hilariou

DDP Injured 8-21-0
- There may be another reason as to why Diamond Dallas Page was dominated in his match at SummerSlam.  A few weeks prior, Page suffered a torn meniscus in one of his knees.  While WWF officials were well aware of his injury, he still worked his match at SummerSlam.  Page will undergo an MRI on Wednesday, and could undergo arthiscopic surgery on Friday.  If Page does undergo surgery, he will be out for a minimum of 3 weeks.

- While working with his injury at SummerSlam, Page also injured his shoulder.  The extent of the injury is not yet known, however Page kept it iced and reportedly had no problems the following day.  If the injury is serious he may require more time o

SummerSlam Notes - The Aftermath 8-20-0
- Chris Jericho may have suffered a mild concussion during his match with Rhyno.  Chris Jericho told that he believes the injury occured when Rhyno Gored him on the floor.  Jericho underwent a CAT Scan today.  He is still a little "foggy" according to reports.

- Kane worked his cage match with lower back pains that he's had for some time now.  "It's just enough that it's pressing on a nerve," Kane told "I'll treat it with medication and therapy and I'll be fine."  Doctors believe that the source of Kane's problems are either a bulging or herniated disk.

- Kurt Angle required several stiches after his match with Stone Cold Steve Austin last night.  Kurt said he felt a little woozy from losing so much blood, but he was still very pleased with the match and his working with Stone Cold.  Expect Kurt Angle to take it easy on RAW as he may still be feeling a little woozy.

- Diamond Dallas Page began a "De-push" last night during his match last night.  Management feels that a lesser role would be more suitable for DDP.  This would explain why DDP was dominated in his match last night by the UnderTaker & Kane.

- Last night the Tag Team Championships of WCW & WWF were united, as well as the LightHeavyweight/Cruiserweight titles.  Management plans on permanently unifying the titles.  So that the individual(s) who holds the belt(s) will be the champion(s) of bothe WCW & WWF, rather than just one of them.

- Jim Ross made a very interesting comment following the Hardcore Championship Ladder Match between Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam.  He stated, " Could this be the last ladder match we ever see?"  Well, it may be the last one for a while.  The feeling amongst the superstars and management is that these kinds of high-risk matches are too high-risk for the wrestlers.  The plan is to tone down high-risk matches, like last nights ladder match, and have fewer of them.  This is good on the part of the wrestlers, as they will not be taking to many risks that can seriously injure them and others.  However the fans may not be too forgiving, as they continue to want the bar raised another level.

- Complaints about the ring were rampant last night among the lockerroom.  To many superstars complained that the ropes were looser than usual, causing many of them to mess up a spot or not have it look as good.

- Fans in the Philidelphia area were given a present from their local Pay-Per-View provider.  Numerous people in the Philidelphia area received the WWF's SummerSlam Pay-Per-View unscrambled, and entirely free.  Sucks on the part of the cable company and the fans in Philidelphia that actually paid for the

SummerSlam Results 8-19-0
WCW Championship Match
Booker T (C) vs. The Rock
Winner & New WCW Champion: The Rock
Rock won the title when Booker T was wasting time with the Spinarooni and then walked into the Rock Bottom, only to be followed by thr 1 - 2 - 3.

WWF Championship Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) vs. Kurt Angle
Winner By Disqualification: Kurt Angle
However, Still WWF Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin
The match ended after Austin beat up 3 referees, and referee Nick Patrick disqualified him for it.

Title 4 Title Championship Cage Match
WWF Tag Team Champions Diamond Dallas Page & Kanyon vs.
WCW Tag Team Champions The UnderTaker & Kane
Winners & New WWF Tag Team Champions: UnderTaker & Kane
UnderTaker pinned DDP following a chokeslam off the side of the cage and the Last Ride.

Hardcore Championship Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy (C) vs. Rob Van Dam
Winner & New WWF Hardcore Champion: Rob Van Dam
Van Dam got the belt after he knocked over the ladder while Jeff was at the top (pretty nasty fall).

Chris Jericho vs. Rhyno w/Stephanie McMahon Helmsley
Winner: Chris Jericho
Jericho got the victory when Rhyno tapped to the Walls Of J

Title 4 Title Championship Match
WCW Cruiserweight Champion X-Pac vs.
WWF LightHeavyweight Champion Tajiri
Winner & New WWF LightHeavyweight Champion: X-Pac
X-Pac got the pin when Tajiri walked into the X-Factor after spitting the green mist in Alberts

The APA & Spike Dudley vs. The Dudley Boyz & Test
Winners: Test & The Dudley Boyz
Test got the pin after a chair shot to Bradshaws head by Shane. M

Intercontinental Championship Match
Edge vs. Lance Storm (C)
Winner & New WWF Intercontinental Champion: Edge
Edge got the pin after he gave the Buzz Killer to Lance

Scott Steiner Hinting At A Return 8-19-0
- Scott posted this statement on his site, BootDaddy

ve been laying low, watching everything unfold this summer.  I spent some quality time off getting re-energized and I'm feeling mean again.  I'm starting to miss the action and Lord knows it's missing me.  It's near time for me to show everyone who the Genetic Freak is again and remind them all who has the most amazing body in professional wrestling.  My freaks know, but there's a lot of trailer park trash out there who don't have a clue, and I think it's high time to educate.

Keep your Eyes open...the Big Bad Booty Daddy is on his way may not be this week or this month, but it is comin
g soon.

Who's Over With Management & Who's Not 8-19-0
- The word backstage is that the Impact Players may be reunited soon, as management is very pleased with the performences of Justing Credible & Lance Storm.

- Vince McMahon still doesn't have too much confidence in the in-ring performence and work ethic of Jerry Lynn.  Although Paul Heyman has been trying to get Vince to reconsider a push for Lynn, some say that Lynn was extremely upset, possibly at Heyman, for being left out of the whole ECW/WCW allinace angle.

- Big Show was backstage at RAW this week, but wasn't used.  The reason for this is that SHow has a lot of heat with the boys in the locker room and management.

- The whole angle with the Alliance beating up Tazz was a part of his push.  A lot of people feel that Tazz's push should've come a lot sooner. Some had thought it was a punishment, not all that much unlike the ones Perry Saturn and Buff Bagwell rece

Lawler Back In The WWF 8-18-0
- Since Jerry "The King" Lawler is no longer with his wife, Stacy "The Cat" Carter, it is expected that he may begin serious negotiations with the WWF.  Jim Ross stated a few weeks ago that he'd prefer not to get into any business deals with his friend until his personal life wa
s in order.
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