HBMonopoly is a conversion of the famous board game for the Amiga computer. It runs in a window on the Workbench or on a custom screen and supports a lot of different languages and local versions. Upto eight players can participate in a game and can be controlled by the computer or human players. Since version 2 HBMonopoly is networking capable, so the game can be played over a local TCP/IP network or even the whole Internet.

!! known bug: chat will not work with AmiTCP/Genesis !!

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  • 16-Jun-2001: new version 2.6: Added Slovenian translation and Russian graphics, minor program update.
  • 16-Apr-2000: new version 2.4: It's not longer possible to offer more money than you have in a transaction; After winning the game the winner does not loop endless and the winning sound can be heard; bugfix for quitting the game.
    New translations to Russian, Portuguese and Czech; updated translations to Catalan and Finnish.
    New GlowMopoly screenshot!
  • 2-Apr-2000: new translation in Croatian; updated translations in French, Italian and Dutch (includes Dutch manual).
  • 22-Mar-2000: new version 2.3: select different board pics from within the game; small changes in German, Swiss and American catalogs; Danish catalog is now really Danish...; GlowMopoly archive with different file names.
  • 14-Mar-2000: added GlowMonopoly archive.
  • 4-Mar-2000: new version 2.2c: new option "don't avtivate windows", especially useful for chatting; updated the German translation: different colors, different texts for some cards.
  • 26-Feb-2000: IRC links; GlowMopoly/SiMopoly link.
  • 22-Feb-2000: new version 2.2b: fixed exchange message; enlarged buffer for street name (Swiss version had problems before); Italian translation updated; additional Icons by Andreas Just.
    new "atomic fish" page (see bottom).
  • 19-Feb-2000: new version 2.2a: many bugfixes for network gaming; fixed problems when sound was deactivated; Dutch translation updated.
  • 15-Feb-2000: There was a small problem with the upload..., but now version 2.1 is really available!
  • 13-Feb-2000: new version 2.1: translation really finished; (hopefully) fixed problems when the connection to a client was lost; French and Swedish translations updated.
  • 8-Feb-2000: new version 2.0a: finished translation, fixed schweiz translation, fixed making transactions as computer player.
  • 6-Feb-2000: Opened this website. First official release of HBMonopoly 2.0. My Amiga was broken for some time, so there are some features missing that I wanted to include in this version. If you have ideas what I might have forgotten or find any bugs then please write me an e-mail.


An Amiga
AmigaOS 3.0 or higher
gtlayout.library V32 or higher (included in archive)

Recommended additional setup:
graphics board
bsdsocket.library compatible TCP/IP stack (AmiTCP, Miami, Genesis, WinUAE...) for networking


screenshot with two very whealthy players...
GlowMopoly and SiMopoly (German)


HBMonopoly.lzx (609 KB) HBMonopoly Version 2.6
HBMonopoly.lha (751 KB) HBMonopoly Version 2.6
HBMonopoly.lha (634 KB) HBMonopoly Version 2.4? from Aminet
23Update.lzx (107 KB) updated files 2.2c -> 2.3
23aUpdate.lzx (61 KB) updated files 2.3 -> 2.3a
24Update.lzx (190 KB) updated files 2.3a -> 2.4
26Update.lzx (153 KB) updated files 2.4 -> 2.6
GlowMopoly & SiMopoly (60 KB) alternative graphics (board is German only) (home page of Jens Borsdorf)

The files on geocities have the suffix ".zip", please rename to ".lha" or ".lzx" respectively!


Holger Beer
Ahornweg 3
D-71034 Böblingen


Where to find other HBMonopoly players on the Internet:

Nuclear Power? Yes Please!


 since 13-Feb-2000

last updated on 16-Apr-2000