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Sorry I haven't updated in a while I just have been busy.  I am in the early stages of moving so I have been very busy.  I am hoping to add a few more pix soon but as things are kinda busy now I don't know when it will be.  I also plan on putting up the autographs I got of Shawn Micheals HBK, and Bradshaw if things go right I will also have a pix of me and Shawn (I might just put his half of the pix up,  as the person taking the pix was being rushed by security).
On another note I was watching WWE not long ago and realised how really sad I am Matt Hardy's character is such a loser now and yet I am still his fan I think I need help.
Well I have to go now I will hopefully be back soon with some new pix for you happy people.
Click here to read about HHH's injury to his throat and a little about his arm (at the time) which I hope he has had checked out since this interveiw.
Disclamer:I am not offical I am just a fan of wrestling and team eXtreme. I would like to thank for most of my pix, if you see any pix that are property of you tell me, and feel free to use any pix that may be mine as long as I get regognision. That is all have fun and enjoy.