Peace Corps Western Russia: Yaroslavl
Date of Arrival in Moscow: Aug. 17, 2000

Date of Arrival in Yaroslavl: Oct. 30, 2000

This website is a first hand account of a Peace Corps experience in Yaroslavl, Russia.  Yaroslavl is the capital of the Yaroslavl oblast (state) and is located about 4 hours, by train, north east of Moscow.

Yaroslavl is part of the historic Russian golden ring.  The town is packed with Russian Orthodox chuches.  I've been told there are 43 total but I don't know who took the time to count.  With a population of approximatly 700,000 people, Yaroslavl is considered a large city.

The town was founded in 1010 when Yaroslavl The Wise settled here.  The town was not happy with his arrival and unleashed a bear on him.  He killed the bear with an axe and founded the town of Yaroslavl.  Today, the crest is still a bear holding an axe.  When you ask Russians why the bear is holding the axe, they don't understand the question.
Kirov Street in downtown Yaroslavl.  Also known as the Yaroslavl Arbat and the Yaroslavl Broadway
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