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IT'S eLeMeNtary

The Etruscans were a mediocentric people, their day began at noon and concluded at noon on the following day. They put particular emphasis on the middle day of the month, the itus (ides), which was sacred to Tinia (Jupiter). When they laid out a new town or temple, it was the central spot the munth (mundus). from which all other factors emanated, the place (microcosm) where the priest positioned himself to observe and interpret the celestial signs of the universe (macrocosm). Munth, the cardinal point from which order was made out of chaos, which gave us the Latin word mundus, which signifies order, neatness, the world, universe, and was also the name applied to (Munthu) the young woman who was the cosmetician in wedding adornment scenes depicted on Etruscan mirrors.

And when the Etruscans borrowed and adapted their alphabet from their neighbors and cultural mentors the Greeks, phonetics dictated that they couldn't call it after its PRIMARY letters, the alpha beta, for the Etruscans had no use for and had discarded the letter B. So in characteristic manner this mediocentric people chose to designate this new magical acquisition after its three CARDINAL letters L M N, by calling it the *ALUMUNTU, which is attested to in the Etruscan word alumnathe (sacred society, alumni). When *ALUMUNTU came into Latin in the form ELEMENTUM it primarily meant a letter of the alphabet, later it came to designate first principal, the elements, and rudiments. *ALUMUNTU is also a representation of the Etruscan alphabet in condensed form, and with further condensation, that of the Etruscanising loss of the initial(s) we come upon MUNTU, MUNTH (Lat. MUNDUS), the ultimate microcosm, a paucity of characters that represent the whole alphabet. a magical system of naming and keeping in order every thing in the universe. An alphabet between whose first and last letters (the alpha and the omega of the Greeks, and the alpha and infinis '8'of the Etruscans) exists everything that ever was or ever will be, until the end of time.

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