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MEDI Tyrrhenians

The Greeks Called the Etruscans Tyrrhenoi and Tyrsenoi. The Etruscan term of self designation Rasenna is possibly derived from Tyrsenoi by the loss of the initials (Ty), i.e. rsenoi with a change of the Greek suffix(oi).to a Latin suffix(a).

Trysenoi, and Tyrrhenoi, are simply Greek dialectical versions of Latin Terrenus (earthen, of the earth) in the sense of earthling, human being, from Lat. Terra (earth, soil), Compare Latin homo (man, human being) from Lat. humus (earth,soil), and Erecthonius (Gk, born Of the soil) the mythological king of Athens. All of these terms Tyrrhenians, homo, Erecthonius, stylize the people whom they are applied to as aboriginals, autocthons sprung from the land itself, and are traceable to the Proto-indo-European roots, ters and dhghem.

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