J.J. Atkins
Yahoo Clubs
Howe Middle School
Well I am 14 years old, and I'm about 6' and 160 lbs.  I have green eyes and dirty blonde hair, and a medium build.
I am very good on computers, infact im G.T.!  I love to lift weights and hang out with my friends.  I am on the Howe Middle School newspaper, I'm the Historian for Student Council, I'm also in Athletics and Band.
Well my I have a mom, Angie; a dad, Jason; a stepmom, Lori; and a stepdad, Gary.  I have three stepsisters, Malery, Britney, Lisse.  A stepbrother, Tyler.  And a half-brother on the way named Trevor.  I have a dog named Wyhte.  (I didn't name him.)  My friends are:  Dani, Gabby, Jordan, Brian, Christopher, Dusty, Mikeal, Ashley, and Britany.