For the first time visitors, we are currently stationed in Virginia with the Navy.  These pages are basically designed by me (Holly) but they are about our family.  Here's a little background information for those of you that don't know us personally or those that would just like some.  Allen and I were married on October 2, 1996.  Our first daughter, Courtney, was born shortly there after in June of 1997.  And our second daughter, Emily was born in March of 2000.  We were originally stationed at Mayport, in Jacksonville, FL near where we both grew up and then we were transferred out to Oklahoma, then back to Mayport and now on to Virginia.  Allen is currently an E-5 in the Navy and I will be attending college again soon..Courtney and Emily are both doing well in school. Courtney is in 4th grade and Emily is in 1st.  Other than that there's not a whole lot to tell about us.  There are links to some of our friend pages on here that may give a little more insite to us. These pages were designed primarily to keep family and friends updated on the kids. 
Hope you all enjoy!

updated 04/29/07
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NS Norfolk
Children's Museum
Virginia Zoo in Norfolk
These are some of the places we've visited.
Our Garden - NEW!!!!
Newest Big News!
Emily learned to ride her bike without the training wheels.  Emily got A honor roll and Courtney got B honor roll.  We planted a vegetable garden!
Honor Roll
Bubbles- NEW!!
Mt. Trashmore
Mount Trashmore
Emily's Birthday
Busch Gardens
Busch Gardens Again!- NEW!!
Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Emily- NEW!!!