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This first talble is for advanced 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  There are more selections below this table for 5th and 6th graders.

Click on the one you want to try!
Numbers that Ring Bells! What time is it? A Dozen Hens Sari's Travels
hoola.gif (9328 bytes) Connie's Boats The Math Projectionist The Pizza Problems
A Roman numerals problem Three's Company at the Greasy Spoon     The Worm's Travels
BAD ADS... The Tournament Fruit Pricing The Bigger Half
My Birthday The Elevator and the Man?? Boys & Girls are Silly! What to Light First???
The Pitcher Problem The Boulders A Three Die Question Probability and the Number 48
The Clinking Glasses? The Least  Greatest Number The Ski Lift The Grid
Apple Pie A Family of Water Drinkers Whose number is greatest??? Tick Marks on a Ruler
Powers of Ten The Volunteers Denominatior of 23???? What's the remainder??
The One Week Stay

Some Order to Our Operations???

The Lunch Problem Squared Rectangle
danchamst.gif (5753 bytes) The Seating Chart 3 Lateral Puzzles danchamst.gif (5753 bytes)
Don't CrossThe Line 1,2,3 Can U Get Me? HER SALARY?

The Maztah-Ball

Friends and Movies Who Am I? A  Radio Contest Drip, Drip, Drip
The Inheritance Apples and Oranges Another Calendar Question How Many Problems Did We Do???
Becky's Phone Call THE STORY OF 3 BROTHERS AND 17 CAMELS Where's the Dollar?!
How Many Home Runs? Number Magic? Triangles??? Vacation Questions #2
Half a Cookie? The Turtle Race What's in the bucket?? How much for the Game Ball??
The Basketball Court Drill Girls, Movies, what's it all mean? What's the Fish Worth? The Office Building
How many Cookies did They Eat?? ICE CREAM...MMMM How'd they miss that??? Here's a Fishy Probability...
The Locker Problem The varitety pack The Garden Grows... Two Elevators
A Whole Bunch of Problems!!! The Skateboard Run Plates, bottles and Glasses 2 Flat Tire Problems
We Can Make Any Amount of Change Mr. Titen and His Long Drive Wendy's Family? Gillian's Construction Co.
Can You Crack the Code? What's the pattern?? A Mixture Problem? The Vacation Package
The Last Questions of '00 - '01 What's the Change??? The Long Walk Your Summer JOB!
the multiplication Pyramid the Question Mark???? The vote How Many House Numbers???
  Brothers & sisters The Opposite Hands  


Click on the problem to go there!!

#1The Train! #2 The Figure #3 The Square Circle
#4 Lee's Phone Animal #5 Russ' Riddle

#6 Find the Pattern

#7 The Missing Key #8 A Perfect Number #9 Prime Ages

#10 Fill in the missing digits...

#11 Kizzy and her Sandwich Fixin'

#12 Decimal Division

#13 A multiplication/calculator problem

#14 Order of Operations!

#15 The Twins

danchamst.gif (5753 bytes) #16 Fang and the Numbers danchamst.gif (5753 bytes)

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