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#3 Domino Magic II

You ask your friend to choose any domino when your back is turned. When the magic words "Hocus Pocus" are entered in a calculator the number of dots on each part of the domino suddenly appear!


A set of dominoes
A calculator


You spread a set of dominoes out on a table, and then ask your friend to secretly choose one.


Hand him the calculator and tell him to:

1. Enter one of the domino's numbers.(Blank 0)        3
2. Multiply that number by 5.                                 3x5= 15
3. Add 7 to that answer.                                         15+7=22
4. Double that total.                                                  22 x 2=44
5. Add the domino's other number to that result. 44+6=50

Finally, tell your friend to hand you the calculator with his answer. Enter the magic words "Hocus Pocus" by pushing  -(minus) 1... 4... =

As you push the buttons, say "Ho-Cus-Po-Cus," and the number of dots on both parts of the domino will magically appear!


(If your friend had entered the 6 first, your final total would have been 63.)


When your friend chooses a domino with one blank and enters the 0 first, your final total has only one digit.

Example: The final total is 5.

5=O 5 so the domino has a blank and a 5.

When your friend chooses a domino with two blanks, your final total will be 0 because 0 = 00.


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