Today we are asked to look deeply into the heart and soul of our Catholic Church -- to rejoice in what we see, and to rededicate ourselves to the Church's
primary mission -- to bring all into oneness. We are united in the one purpose of being a Church dedicated to bringing life and healing to the world through our union with Jesus Christ.

We, the Church, the Temple of the Holy Spirit, are to be a source of healing, life and refreshment. The one word that should be at the center of all of our reflections on the Church is the word 'life'. Life is what the Church is all hereafter. And not just any life, but full, glorious, joyful, vibrant life.

We are asked to be bearers of life both on a universal level and at a local level. We call ourselves a parish community. This describes who we are, but it also

describes who we want to be in the future. The work of forming a community is never finished because it is a living thing. Living things need to be nourished and taken care of, lest they die. When we look at ourselves as a parish community, and at all that we do here, a key question we can ask is this: Are we a life-giving community seeking to bring unity into our neighbourhood and our world?

We are imperfect and sinful, but we are also seeking what is right and good. We can't allow the negative aspects of small parts of our Church to throw a dark cloud over the real purpose and thrust of our Church. May all those who come to know us as a Catholic community also sense that Jesus Christ truly lives among us.

   Peace, Fr. John

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