Washington's a Pack of Thugs and Liars

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A Syllogism

GWB: `If you aid a terrorist, you're a terrorist.'

Thus far, the only nation-state convicted of international terrorism by the World Court is the US. (Indeed, by its own definition of terrorism, the US is the biggest terrorist going.)

Therefore, according to GWB, if you aid the US, you're a terrorist.

Conclusion: We, Canada, must immediately withdraw our troops from US command, lest we become terrorists ourselves.

Serendipity expresses the sentiment precisely: `Only a nation sunk in depravity could descend to the use of such diabolic devices [as the fuel-air bomb] against human beings, soldiers or otherwise. The United States thus shows itself to be depraved and barbaric. And any nation which, by providing military support to the American war machine, condones this barbarity forfeits (as the United States has already forfeited) any claim it might have to be regarded as a civilized nation in the eyes of the world. A barbarian nation drags its allies into barbarity also.' [emphasis added.]


GWB: `We expect there to be transparency. People who have got something to hide make us nervous.' (2002 Feb 16)

The US doesn't want its prisons inspected. (2002 April)

The US defies UN weapons inspectors—by law! GM (and it's known they're breaking the Bioweapons Convention) FB

The US refuses to show its `evidence' Iraq gassed the Kurds (1988 March) or that Osama architected 9/11 (they won't even show it to the FBI. MH · BBC).

The Whitehouse limits investigation of 9/11 (2002 Jan 29) even though the US routinely conducts minute probes into far less.

The GWB admin seems desperately afraid of an International Criminal Court, having `campaigned unsuccessfully to exempt US soldiers and officials from its jurisdiction.' SMH · TI

The GWB Whitehouse has refused to let the GAO inspect its records.

Under GWB the Presidential Papers and Freedom of Information legislation have been gutted.


I'm a 7th-generation Maritimer, and I think I know a stinky fish when one's waved under my nose. The September Eleventh stuff stinks. I think Washington sat on its hands (at the very least) on September Eleventh and sacrificed some 2800 civilians of dozens of nations to `justify' a grab for Afghanistan's oil.

And I don't want Canada dragged into a patently unjust war (whether `just war' is an oxymoron is immaterial; `war of aggression' sounds patently unjust to me. `This is more than a war against terrorism. This is a war against the citizens of all countries.'—Dr. Johannes Köppl FTW)

Some of these things are `just amusing,' not even circuitously relevant. (But I'm not saying which :-)) Basically, it establishes a history of lies, aggression, cruelty, counterdemocracy, hypocrisy, and terrorism—stuff you're hardly ever told in history class—on the part of the US and/or the UK, and then gets into details re September Eleventh. I think it's truly a turning point of history; we just have to make sure it stops turning somewhere around Bonus Prize—or at least Take Another Turn—and not Bankrupt.

Please don't fall into the `things are different now' thought-trap. It's probable that persons of all the ages have looked back on the patent foolishness revealed in hindsight and thought their time had cured all that. It's logically preposterous, yet we do it.

Please note that my quarrel is not with the American people—some very good friends of mine (and even a few cousins) are American, I know there is decency down there somewhere. (And yes, I'm deliberately echoing well-known pat phrases there. I mean them; but I'm deliberately echoing them.) Nor is my quarrel with the purported American ideals of freedom, justice, liberty, etc. And I am all sympathy for the victims of 9/11 and their families; they were the usual innocent victims of the ceaseless striving for power. (The questions are, who victimised them, and are we next?)

It's their government that scares the crap out of me. It's their government that's p*sing all over the Constitution and wiping their butts on the flag and then trying to make the whole rest of the world trust and love them…and they've got a nice big toybox full of nuclear, chemical, and biological widgets they'll drag out if we don't.

Here's another reason I don't want Canada tangled up. Stephen Gowans: `And so, what followed [protests over US Vietnam casualties] was high-altitude bombing, and Special Forces who advise and train proxy armies but stay away from the action. Foreigners as the grunts. Foreigners as the casualties. Foreigners as the victims. Foreigners to be bulldozed into graves. Foreigners aren't American, so they're not really people, not people Americans need to worry about.'

I need to acknowledge some pages and sites that have been invaluable in sifting out and citing all this: From the Wilderness, What Really Happened, American State Terrorism, Emperor's New Clothes, JVI Ministries news page, Google.

I apologise for linking nearly all books back to Amazon but…for one thing, Amazon is highly likely to have it all; for another, I find their URLs stable and their server flexible (not requiring cookies, Java, JavaScript, and other floof and pantookas). (Prompted by /. article.)

Some entries are about Israel-Palestine, because there's also great misunderstanding there and at present Tel Aviv and Washington are so entangled they're essentially identical.

FInally, a wee disclaimer: my merely linking to somewhere should not be taken as a personal endorsement of the opinions or interpretations. (In fact some of my source sites are really effin' scary on their own.) Nine times out of ten, more or less, I'm pointing out a source for a supposed fact.

Blast-effects range map of 25 Mt bomb on my capital (see PBS for explanation)
pressure zones of 25 Mt on Halifax
And 11 Steps to Survival [nuclear attack], Canada Emergency Measures Organization. (Ya think Halifax unimportant? It had considerable strategic importance in the US' 1935 invasion plan.)