It's official... or pretty damn close to official that HCW has ceased to function. New things to do in S-ville have eclipsed the old and now it seems like backyard wrestling and senseless violence just doesn't cut it with the townspeople of Scottsville, NY. Our last "show" was an exhibition card in which the new recruits of the fed were left to entertain an audiance that saw no satisfaction in backyard wrestling entertainment. So, you could say that, unfortunately, HCW went out with a whimper. The legacy of HCW lives on through digitized pictures and video that, as time will go on, will become irrelevent, useless data that will be sucked into the blackhole of the Internet in which eventually backyard wrestling, in its entirety, will inevitably be consumed.

HCW has only a few individuals to thank. That is anyone who has ever wrestled, tried to wrestle, wanted to wrestle, or just plain watched us wrestle in HCW's short timeline. Fans in S-ville, fans across the world we thank you for watching but our time is through.

Personally, I invested a lot of my time and a little bit of my money into this institution and I still don't think it was for nothing. I met many cool people and had some good times. With the exception of one incident at our second Massacre on the Oatka show, no one was severely injured in our shows and whether it was the fans we entertained or ourselves, we had a lot of fun in HCW. Yet, HCW had to end sometime.

Scottsville is a very cool town. I'm no travel or real estate agent, but S-ville is funny as hell in the eyes of an out-of-towner such as I. If you'd like to see what the guys also posted on the net, check out
Kids in Field. I think the creators (same dudes who were in HCW) may have discontinued writing the series, but it is S-ville in a nutshell as I've been told. I don't really get it all but I thought the idea was funny.

That's all, true believers. HCW is gone. You can hit back on your browser and surf some other trashy site on the net or you can continue onto
the index and browse through what's left of HCW Online. Goodbye. - Rob, the HCW Webmaster. 6-11-02