This is my very first motorcycle a 1978 Harley Davidson  Sportster 1000.   I bought it in October of needed a lot of work on it so I didn't actually
My First Sportster
ride it until the spring of 1997.
This is what happens when people don't watch  for motorcycles...I am one of the very few that can say "I survived a near fatal accident."  I thank God that I am alive!
After I was rushed to hospital I needed 5 units of blood.  I had extensive hand surgery.  My right hand was severed.
All of my toes were dislocated on my right foot.  I needed a rod in my right leg for a femor fracture, and there were 5 pelvic fractures.  Where I wasn't broke ...
...I was bruised black!
Here I am in rehab.  I needed to learn to do everything all over again.  I learned to write, feed my self, brush my teeth, sit up and balance,  roll over (that was the
hardest for me to do), move from my wheelchair to a regular chair.  Then last but not least was to learn to walk again.
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