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Hd Loader Memory Card Exploit
First Download Hdloader.zip and extract it to C:\MC (in other words to a folder called MC on your C drive,

Now we have to get the Id of the psx cd you are going to use to boot the memory exploit.

So put your psx cd in the drive and open system.cnf using notepad.
Now what comes afer "BOOT = cdrom:\"
and before ";1" Is the Id of your psx cd.

Now go to your start menu and open "run" then type "cmd". Now type "cd\"
that will bring you to your C Drive then type "cd mc\" that will bring you to your MC folder you made earlier ok so now type "titleman -a [your psx Id].

It should say a whole bunch of junk but if you see "adding 'your psx cd Id' to title.db...done   YEAH you did it.

Now using Nero add all the files in the MC folder execpt for titleman.exe then burn as mode2/XA ISO 9600 and ISO Level 2 Max of 31 characters and boot using swap magic and flip top (or whatever your boot method is.

Now put a Ps2 Memory Card in with at least 2000kb space left and boot the cd we just made and install the exploit.

Now make sure the exploit memory card is in slot one and boot your psx cd then once it loades up...press R1 then go to "MC0:" then click X on it then go to "BADATA-SYSTEM/". Choose it then go to "hdloader.elf" and click X on it. and you have done it!!!!!!