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Helena D. Lewis, a Brick City [Newark, New Jersey, USA] native, is a natural born entertainer. She has done some modeling and acting. However, it is her gift with words that has brought her national attention.

Helena D. Lewis got her polishing with other artists like Pinky, Talaam Acey, Flow Mentalz, and Rob Hylton at her home mic, Bogies, in East Orange, NJ. In the beginning, they were dubbed New Jersey's Fake A$$ Poets, but all the naysayers soon were silenced as this group of supposedly wanna-be rappers became a force to be reckoned with in the NY/NJ poetic community of seasoned writers, performers, and slammers.

Helena D. Lewis started writing in college, but she wasn't always the polished poet that she is today. She was tentative at her first open mic performance as the audience shouted "VIRGIN!!," the cheer that greets most first timers. But as their greeting faded with time so did her doubts. It was not long before she was a featured artist and touring colleges and venues all around the country, from Baltimore, MD to New York, NY to Miami, FL. But she did not stop there. She also picked up several awards, including winning a coveted spot on the famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe 2000 National Slam Team (previous Nuyorican Slam Team members have included: Sarah Jones, Jessica Care Moore, Saul Williams, and Steve Colman) and several appearances on HBO's Def Poetry.

Helena D. Lewis delivers a special brand of in-your-face, no-holds-barred and comedic poetry that spans a wide range of subjects, from prostitution to time-travel. Her spoken word content and performance exploring a new side to poetry that exposes raw emotions and humor. Her work spurns the sappy and unintelligible Love Jones-esque brand of poetry for a refreshing, honest, and blunt substitute, not saccharine but pure cane sugar.

Her words are the kind that invoke emotions that speak to everyone. Her delivery is the kind that enthralls the audience and involves them in the poetry. When you see her perform live and listen to her work - Where Does It Hurt? and Second Wind, be prepared to . . . feel it.

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