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Hard Drive Menu System (HDMS) : Windows 95/98 / Dos Utility Manager

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Windows 95/98 Dos Utility Manager

Source Code INCLUDED! ... For QBasic 1.1 programmers

What is HDMS any way?

Windows 95/98 users.

Hard Drive Menu System Version 1.06
(HDMS) is a great
Windows 95/98 DOS companion. Use it as your own personal
Windows / DOS utility manager. It's simple to use
and powerful. With
HDMS you don't need to worry about
figuring out all those confusing DOS memory setups.
HDMS do the work for you.

With it's simple to use icon based design it's like
having Windows for DOS.

is not only simple to use but it's simple QBasic
programming allows the programmer to explore the routines
and make changes if needed... to custom fit you.
Imagine having Windows for DOS written in QBasic.

is fully loaded with lots of (ICN) icons to get you
started and with it's easy to use (ICO) icon converter
you won't have to worry about missing your favorite icons.
You can even convert your favorite (PCX) picture files in color.
HDMS uses full mouse support without using a lot of memory.

Ordering & Registration:

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HDMS send $15.00 to...

Copeland Software
536 Wooldridge Ferry Rd.
E-Town Ky. 42701

You will receive the full version of
HDMS V1.06


1. WINDOWS icon converter. (Convert you ICO files to QBasic)

2. PCX picture converter. (Convert you PCX files to QBasic)

3. Registration number and lots of Copeland Software extras.

4. Full version including super fast HDMS.EXE version.

You can also get a FREE copy of HDMS and use it for as long as you like.

If you decide to register your copy then just Email me at (
or follow the instructions above.

ICQ me at (# 30464025)

Your suggestions and updates are welcome.

Windows 95/98 Dos Utility Manager

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