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The Huntington's Disease Support Club is for
everyone connected to Huntington's Disease:
~ those affected,
~ tested positive,
~ at-risk,
~ tested negative,
~ caregivers,
~ family members,
~ and friends.

Our goal as a club is to offer support through unity,
and to work together to raise awareness and funds.
Join the moderators in any or all of the
three scheduled
Club Chats each week on:
Mondays at 3-5 pm Eastern
                      8-10 pm UK time
Wednesdays at 1-3 pm Eastern
                  6-8 pm UK time
Fridays at 5-7 pm Eastern
                             10pm-midnight UK time

Everyone is welcome!
You are not alone!
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I hope this made you smile!
Chat Motto:
"Happiness shared is happiness doubled
Troubles shared are troubles halved"