Harmon  &  Sally say 'Hey!'

My Dad bought this car new in March '63.  At 100,000+ miles in 1985 he finally sold it to me. The body was solid, it being a southern car, but everything else was rotten.  First thing I did was drop in a 350 motor and trans. Young and foolish - Lots of ZOOM - but I soon got tired of it.  Full restoration in 1990 used a 283 out of a '64, cloned to Dealer Option '63 V8. No, the factory never built one but GM did build the parts as early as 1962. Radiator, spacer, linkage, engine mounts, etc., were made available thru the dealer for around $1800. This '63 went NNN Gold with that engine at the Nova Nats's North in '91, but I soon got tired of explaining the V8 so went back with the whimpy 194. I sort of wish I hadn't done that. Young and foolish gone  to old and stupid.

Yes, its a trailer queen because I don't like to spend all my time cleaning it up. Us rednecks are a lazy bunch, but don't you think 15 minutes should be all the time allowed to get ready for a Car Show once you're AT the car show? Ought to be a rule. 1-point lost for every minute over 15 spent wiping and 'q'-tipping the thing.  Every year I promise myself I'm driving this little Nova to the Nationals -
with the top down. Every year I don't. Last year for some reason - no idea why - I installed a complete new interior, repainted deck and quarters and finally got around to hammering on all that NOS stuff I've been collecting the last few years. Big deal. It looks about the same from 10 feet away, but it does smells better up close. Look for us in Orlando, March 10-12, 2000 in Old Town....

Wanna' see a FORD?  I know it ain't suppose to be here, but humor me and check it out

1948 Mercury