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Random Facts About The Big Lebowski

Well, there is a lot about The Big Lebowski that people don't know. The Coens (the film's writing/directing brothers) slapped some little things in the movie that you have to look for to notice. There's little inside jokes by the cast, too.

Fact: The F-word is used 267 times in this film. "Hell" is used only 3 times, and only once by Jeff Bridges, the star of The Big Lebowski.

Fact: The Dude never rolls a bowling ball.

Fact: The fast food restaurant "In & Out Burger" is referenced during the movie. John Goodman once did a commercial for the "In & Out" fast food chain.

Fact: The Dude drinks eight White Russians during the course of the movie. (He drops one of them at Jackie Treehorn's mansion.)

Fact: It proved impossible to get Walter's satchel of dirty undies to arc the right way when it was thrown out of the window of the Dude's car so the shot was filmed in reverse with an off-screen crew member throwing the briefcase towards the car while the stunt driver drove backwards.

Fact: In the 'Gutterballs' dream sequence, when the Dude is sliding down the bowling lane, Jeff Bridges' shoulders were actually too wide to pass through the dancers' legs. So the scene had to be shot twice (once with just Bridges, once with just the legs), Bridges was slightly shrunk digitally, and the two were then spliced together.

Fact: The Big Lebowski can see into the future. The Dude's check for 69 cents at Ralph's was dated Sept. 11, 1991, 10 years before the WTC incident. George Bush is on a T.V. in the background saying, "This aggression will not stand..." and talking about the then-current war. Pretty weird stuff.

Opinion: The Big Lebowski is the greatest movie ever created by man.

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