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About Head Lice

Are head lice a common problem?

Yes the are, We don't know exactly how many people in Britain have head lice , but a recent national survey suggested the figure could be as high as 10%.

Who's most likely to have them?

Anyone can catch them , but lice are most common amongst children between the ages of  7-11 and especially amongst girls.

Does head lice infection come from dirty hair or a dirty home?

Absolutely not. Head lice don't mind if hair is clean or dirty, and as they cannot live away from the  human head , home hygiene has nothing to do with infection.

Do pets spread head lice?

No .Head lice are a purely human parasite and cannot infect cats, dogs or any other animals.

So how are they spread?

By close head to head contact only. not through clothing, hats, headphones , hairbrushes or any other means.

Don't they jump from  head to head?

No. lice don't have the right sort of legs for jumping or wings so they cannot jump, fly or crawl across clothing , they only move directly from one persons hair to hair on another head.

Someone did see on jump. How?

If they were combing or brushing the hair, the electrostatic charge can make lice appear to leap away from the head, but its nothing to do with the lice themselves.

Will very short hair discourage lice?

No. lice will happily lice in 1cm of hair, short hairs only advantage is detection and treatment can be easier.

Does hair type make a difference?

Again No.All hair types and lengths are just as likely to be infected



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