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Welcome To My Home!

Welcome to my lovely abode. I am Jason Nellis, actor, web techie, writer, student, camper, singer, artist, and generally strange guy. I'm sure you're interested in my life (if you weren't, you wouldn't be here!), so I'll take this time to direct you to the menu to the left. It is a master menu which will direct you to sites and pages developed by me (many times with other people's help). You should note a few things:


I like video games. If you have any to sell, let me know


I enjoy sick humor. Again, bare with me. ;)


How can I be expected to be creative when I've got 4 AP classes, 8 (I counted) extracurricular activities, 3 brothers, 2 parents, 2 step-parents, 2 dogs, 4 cats, and more work than I can shake a stick at?


I dunno. There are so many reasons for me to complain. Can you think of one? Lemme know. Email me at My AIM SN is HealerII.

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