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How should I begin?  Spiritual healing is my soul's purpose.  This I have come to realize.  When I think of the many experiences that I have had, that has put me onto this wonderful path of helping people. I feel blessed.  Some of these experiences have been truly amazing.  When I accepted that this is my life's purpose. I notice a change happening within myself.  I am evolving. I am evolving into who I am supposed to be. My thought processes I notice are changing.   I am no longer so critical.  I see things in a difference perspective. I try to understand why a person is the way they are, and what I can understand I can accept.   I think from the heart. I make my decisions by what I feel not what I think.   I do not get upset easily.  I notice my intuitive abilities is becoming fined tune.   I realized that I am not alone on this path that my angels and spiritual guides are around me and have always been around me. Giving me guidance and connecting me   with people I need to know and places that I need to travel too.   This path has not been an easy path to be on.  I have had some experiences that would make a person question their faith and say is this the path for me?   Which I did, obviously the answer to that question is yes, for I would not be writing this if I had not come to that conclusion.  I know I and many other people (you the reader) have come to this conclusion, and have had many similar experiences as I, that have made them also question their soul's purpose.  This page is intended for you to share your experiences of how you have come to realize what your soul's purpose is.  This page is for people who are searching for answers. Maybe you might find a few answers to some of your questions from this page, and it is also for people who want to share a few of their experiences.

Being spiritual is relating to spirit or sacred matters.  This is the dictionary definition.  To me being spiritual is about one's beliefs.  A spiritual person is one who believes that there is a higher source (God), and that God resides inside of us, and that God is not at a distance from us.  We do not need to seek God thought a minister, or priest. We have a connection to God. We just have to go within, to make that connection.  We are all made in the image of God.  We are Godly beings, but we lost certain abilities when Adam and Eve was expel from the Garden of Eden. We lost that oneness with God. Our God like abilities went deep inside of our sub-conscious, they went dormant.   Now we have to work hard at becoming connected with God again and to awaken those psychic abilities. The psychic abilities that one can develop are intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, and etc.  These abilities can be develop through exercises that one can do to alter conscious and expand perceptions.  Meditation is an exercise that one can do to awaken psychic abilities.  Meditation is attunement to oneness.  Yoga is also an exercise that one can do to awaken physic abilities.  

Meditation is emptying self of all that hinders the creative forces from rising along the natural channels of the physical man to be disseminated through those centers and sources that create the activities of the physical the mental, the spiritual 
EDGAR CAYCE reading no. 281-13

Telepathy and clairvoyance are not the aim of Yoga practice.  They are by-products of this practice.  Cosmic Consciousness and universal penetration are the inherent nature of mind.  Individual mind does not feel its cosmic form because of impurities.  It is only when these impurities have been removed that mind begins to feel cosmic penetration.  This purity is achieved only through meditation and contemplation practice according to the classical system of Yoga.         

            One of the side effects of regular meditation is the appearance of special paranormal powers.   Meditation is the most highly regarded practice for the development of psychic abilities.  In meditation we become attuned with the higher source and those forgotten abilities starts to become prominent into our lives.  I have been mediating for some time now, and I definitely can feel a growth of my psychic abilities.  I am starting to become Clairaudience that is to hear spirit.  At times I hear whispers, pops and cracks that I know cannot be explained through natural occurrences.  At times I awaken at night thinking I have heard someone in my apartment.  I have come to realize that it is the sounds of spirit.  It is that state between sleeping and waking, a kind of hypnologic state that makes it conducive to hear spirit.   There have been times when I have clearly heard spirit; I remember a time when I went to visit my parents they live in South Carolina.  I was fast asleep on the couch.  I was awaken by a knocking on the window.  The window is over the couch.  I got up looked out the window and I saw nothing.  It was around two O'clock in the morning when this occur.   I felt the need to empty my bladder, so I went to the bathroom.  While sitting on the toilet I heard in my head, a song being sung by a male Native American Indian.  It was sung in his native tongue.  Not believing what I was hearing. I thought that someone left the T.V on, so I got up and started to investigate.  When I got up I lost the contact and the song was discontinue.  This was an experience that I will never forget.  I heard a Native American Indian spirit singing to me.  What an honor.  I don't know why that had happen.  I have never heard spirit so clearly as that time.  I hear spirit but in whispers that I cannot as yet understand.
          I fine that I know things without realizing why or how I know them.  Intuitively I just know things.  Sometimes before they happen.  Thoughts will enter my mind and I have learned to listen to that inner voice.  Here is an experience where I actually heard an inner voice whisper to me.  I had become friendly with a guy that I met, one day while walking home from the supermarket.  He started a conversation with me talking about things in general.  I would see him about every time I went to the supermarket.  He actually was a homeless young man.  Who I decided to befriend only for causal conversation and nothing else, but he had other plans.   One day we started our usual conversation. Walking as we talked.  That day he did not do as he would usually do, that was to stop the conversation and continual on his way.  He walked with me until I reached my apartment building.  This I did not like but I did not know how get rid of him without hurting his feelings.  I had no desire to let him enter my apartment.  He came into my building and I was thinking to go to the mailbox and get my mail.  I was about to go to the mailbox when I heard a voice in my head say, do not go to your mailbox.  If I had went to the mail box with him following me he would have know what apartment I live in, and that would not have been good.  The voice was very clear.  I listened to the voice and got the courage to say goodbye and took the elevator up to my floor, leaving him downstairs in the lobby.  I believe that inner voice was my spirit guide watching over me.  I believe that a lot of times intuition is spiritual guidance, the voice of spirit watching over us and giving us guidance.  Intuition may come in a variety of guises, including feelings and images.  Sometimes you make meet someone and get a strong feeling about that person.  It could be a negative or positive feeling, but you just know something about that person and you don't know where that thought has come from, but it is a strong feeling.  Then, there is the time one will get a visual image (A flash of an image) of something that is going to happen.  This imagery is the manifestation of the inner voice providing intuitive information.  I have had an experience of this kind.  One day I was walking home, instead of entering the building using the front entrance I decide to enter through the back entrance, which at times is not very safe.  As I was walking towards the back door, an image flashed in my mind of a man following me.  I turned around and a man was following me.  I slowed down and acted liked I was getting something out of my pocket letting him pass me, when I saw him pass me I quickly got my key out and unlock the door and hurry into the building.  With a daily routine of meditation one's physic abilities can be develop, thus enhancing ones intuitive abilities.

Spirit beings are constantly around us.  Many people fear contact with the invisible realm.  We humans fear what we don't understand, and the spiritual realm is something that we have very little knowledge of.  It is important to widen our perceptions of the spirit realm and the role it plays in our daily lives for spiritual development.  Spirit beings serve many functions and take many forms of expression in our lives.  They inspire creativity, help open us to abundance, stimulate insight and knowledge, protect us and serve as our companions such as spirit guides, teachers, and etc.  When we realize the path that we should be on the appropriate spirit guide will enter into our life giving us the support and guidance we need.
            When we begin to alter our conscious and expand our perceptions through meditation, we begin to connect with the spiritual realm. Through this connection we may encounter both non-human entities and human spirit entities.  The non-human entities are those forms of life that are evolving along with humanity, but are not part of its life stream.  These include but are not limited to angels, nature sprits and totem animals.
            Angels are high spiritual beings.  They come from the heart of God as guides, protectors, helpers and healers.  They are the messengers and intermediaries of God.  Angels are more evolved than human beings.  Angels present themselves in any form we find expectable.  There are many different kinds of angels.  Each one of us has a guardian angel that is present at birth and remains with us until we die.  Your guardian angel is your closest friend, loving you unconditionally.  Your angel's greatest wish is to serve you and help you on your spiritual path.  If a very negative or emotional energy field surrounds you, your angel may find it very difficult to communicate with you.  The more you center yourself and still your emotions, the easier it is for your guardian angel to connect with you and help you.  With mediation this can be accomplish.
            Angels and spirit guides are there to aide us in our life's decisions, not to make the decisions for us.  God gives us free will.  It is for us to make the decisions that we must make.   That is why at times it may seem that God is not there for us, but God is always there.  God will step back and let you make your own decisions.  I put it this way.  God will open the door and it is for you to walk thru it.  God will make the opportunities for you, and it is for you to make the choice.  Is this what I really want?  People say why does God let bad things happen.  I believe it all revolves around the concept of freedom of will. Except in some situations there is no choice to be made.  It is predestine.  One has to go through the situation because there is a lesson to be learned, in his or her lifetime.  That is why when one makes that decision.  One must consider the consequences of one's actions.  How will it affect the people around you?  Do you really want or need it?  I think before you make a decision a good thing to do is to meditate on it.  With meditation one will be able to make the right decision because one is attuning one's self with the higher source.  With the lord's guidance how can one go wrong.

             Sit in an up right position, so that your posture is balance.  Close your eyes and let yourself relax.  Allow your attention to focus on the in and out of the breath.  As you breath feel your body relaxing from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, then when you feel you are relaxed, focus on what is bothering you or what question that needs to be answer.  Please let yourself be open to receiving the answer in any given form.  The answer could come through a friend, family member, or in a dream. 

Are they the windows to your soul?
            Yes they are the windows to the soul.  Dreams are messages from ourselves, to ourselves.  Some are more literal then others, some seen to be filled with hidden symbolism and have to be translated from the language of sleep into the language of everyday wakefulness. Through the daily use of meditation, this can improve the clarity of one's dreams. In turn making it easier to translate the message of the dream.
            Dreams reflect life, but also they do more than reflect life; they provide inspiration, information and solutions that can be revealed to us in no other way. Dreams are recognized as being prophetic and powerful.  By converting these messages into practical terms it is then possible to be guided along one's path of life.  In a dream one can receive the message of what his or her soul's purpose is.  Eight years ago I had such a dream.  I have never forgotten that dream for I knew I was being given information on what my soul's purpose is.  I remember the dream as being very clear and vivid.  In the dream I was at work, working, then I saw myself in an area that was all white.  I then saw myself in a huge room or hall, full of people.  In the front of the room was an elderly man.  Standing by him was five Native American Indians spirits.  I did not count them I just knew that there were five Indian spirits standing at his side.  How I knew that they were spirits was because I could see through them.  These Indian spirits were dress in native clothing.  Everything they had on was red. The spirits started to enter the man.  I could see that he was not receptive to them and he fought their presence.  Eventually he relaxed and all the spirits enter him, then he started to tell the people in the hall, (they were standing in line in front of him) things that they needed to know.  This dream I knew was giving me a message as to my soul's purpose.  I had that dream at a time when I was having a lot of mystical, paranormal experiences.  The dream was reflecting what was happening to me at the time.  I believe I was awakening spirituality as to my soul's purpose.  After that dream, and the usual experiences I have had.   I started to change.  That dream told me of a path that I am destined to be on.  I came to realize my path and to except it for what it is.  I know that my life's purpose is dedicated to helping people, whether though my healing services or to give guidance to people in need of it. I am able to reach many people all over the world and how I am able to achieve this is thought my other web page I have called 'The healer's path.'  Click on the link and the page will open. You can read of my experiences and beliefs as a spiritual healer.  I am sure this page ' The healer's path ' will help those  who feel that they also have the gift to heal.    I also am able to give advice to anyone seeking it.  Click on the e-mail link and send e-mail to me with whatever questions or comments you may have.
I hope this page has answer questions that you might have, and help the reader realize that they are not alone, and that there are other individuals out there, who are going through similar experiences as they are. 


1.   Awakening your psychic powers                                                                                            Henry Reed, PH .D.
2.   Develop your Psychic Abilities                                                                                              Litany Burns
3.   There is a river: The story of Edgar Cayce                                                                          Thomas Sugrue
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6.    Psychic Healers                                                                                                                       David St Clair
7.    The Sacred Sword                                                                                                                   Betty Bethards


. Awakening your psychic powers                                                                                           Henry Reed, PH.D.
This book is a guide that will help you to harness your innate psychic abilities and give you the knowledge you need to develop your psychic abilities, and to help unlock the secrets of heightened awareness, including:  Psychic sensitivity,a natural part of perception.  Exercises to develop your psychic intuition.  Dreaming; the psychic doorway.  Learning to trust your intuition.  Experimenting with clairvoyance, telepathic suggestion, and open channeling.  Through different meditation techniques given in this book, one will be able to recognize patterns that can change one's life.  American visionary Edgar Cayce introduced thousands to the wonders of psychic awareness, through his readings.   The author Henry Reed, Ph.D. has carefully preserved the writings of Edgar Cayce's readings, which are illuminated in this book.

2. Develop your Psychic Abilities                                                                                                Litany Burns
Everyone has psychic ability.  This book is a guide to discovering these powers of the mind.  It shows you how to recognize and cultivate your hidden talents.

3. There is a river: The story of Edgar Cayce                                                                            Thomas Sugrue
   As stated in the title: the story of Edgar Cayce.

4. How to meet and work with spirit guides                                                                                Ted Andrews
Through the techniques presented in this book you can learn to access and attune to spiritual beings such as guardian angels, nature spirits,  elementals, spirit totems, and archangels, as well as family and friends after their physical death.

5. The Dreamer's Workbook                                                                                                         Nerys Dee
The Dreamer's Workbook is an in-depth yet straightforward examination of the language of dreams.  The book examines the mechanics of dreaming and the techniques you can employ to better recall manipulate and understand your dreams.  There is an extensive use of genuine dream examples to explore the hidden meanings of the various dream-forms, and the dream dictionary will allow you to make rapid conclusions about all manner of dream-images.  It is a true Workbook style there is a serried of exercises, which takes you through the stages of remembering, recording, interpreting and ultimately influencing your dreams.

6. Psychic Healers                                                                                                                            David St Clair
Mr. St Clair has interviewed eleven unusual psychic healers and in the book he tells their stories, revealing their personalities, methods, accomplishments, and sometimes, their failures. In between his chapters, Mr. St Clair has included short accounts of unusual cures:  a Vietnam veteran, Della Reese, a man in New York, a highly respected medical doctor.  These are a few examples of ordinary men and women who have experienced the extraordinary remission of pain and disease at the hands of psychic healers.

7. The Sacred Sword                                                                                                                         Betty Bethards
This book is about Betty Bethards life, as a well-known mystic, psychic, spiritual healer and meditation teacher.