Opening the mind, body and spirit
with the breath
For health, rejuvenation, and spiritual renewal
Breathwork is a self help method using the breath, music, sound and the presence of a facilitator to allow you an experience of Self.
Using techniques from Reichian breath therapy and from spiritual practices,  you are taught a circular breathing method called the connected breath. With the energy of the breath you embark on an inner journey into your soul.

Throughout history many cultures have used the breath for self-healing and transcendent experiences.  Research shows that conscious rhythmic breathing benefits  physical health and general well being.  In the Breathwork experience, you will breathe actively, consciously and rhythmically in a relaxed manner for approximately one hour.  You will be guided to breathe into areas where the breath flow is restricted clearing blocks to a full breath.  The facilitator uses affirmations, music, toning, and touch to support and guide you to gently allow your breath to open.  On the wave of the rhythm of the breath you will journey inwardly.  You will be assisted to integrate the benefits of that journey which may give you tools to transform your life. 
*Strengthen the relaxation response
*Manage stress and anxiety
*Release unconscious tension and express feelings
*Improve breathing
*Clear memories, feelings or sensations which may surface
*Become calm and centered
*Strengthen mindful awareness
*May experience  states of profound relaxation, bliss or transcendence

With practice, Healing Breathwork becomes an active meditation which may be practiced without a facilitator.   Regular practice will enhance general health, promote well-being and connection with your spiritual self.

Helena Greaney RN MS CNS
Breathwork facilitator
   Helena Greaney is a registered nurse who holds a Master's Degree in Psychiatric Nursing and has been practicing Breathwork for a number of years.   She provides individual sessions and group classes in this powerful self-help healing modality. 
    Helena's background includes years of mental health experience providing psychotherapy, substance abuse counseling, prescribing medications, teaching, and  administration.  She has also studied various energy healing modalities including Tai chi, Yoga, Bioenergetics, and now Breathwork
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