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When I got away from the abuse that I had lived with for so long, I was helped by so many people in so many ways, I found that I had a support system that I never would have dreamed possiable.

I soon found a desire to repay in someway the kindness I had been shown and the help I had been given

I tried for years to find a way to get this done and over the years have fallen flat on many attempts, then I relized that what I wanted to do, was help others Heal their Hearts the way mine was healing.

I guess you could say that Healing Hearts is the dream I have carried in my heart for what seams like forever, but it is so much more than that, it is fast becoming my life's purpose.

As you travel through Healing Hearts, you will read the stories, hopes and dreams of many people, all of whom are very different, all have been abused sexually, but that is not the only thing or the most important thing that we all share in common, we all carry in our Hearts the desire to close the door on the past, to take back what was taken from us and to find, our Personal Power, some of us for the first time.

What is Personal Power?

I am not sure what the dictionary sayes or what the proper defination is, but I know what it is for me in my life, this is the defination I am going to use.

Personal Power for me, is having the ability to stand with my head up being proud of who and what I am. Personal Power is being able to get into an arguement with someone and not give in because I feel traped, but to be able to stand up for what I know to be the truth and right. Personal Power for me is to never again have to remind my self that I am not a victim and don't have to be. Personal Power for me is being able to say NO when what is happening to me is not what I know in my heart to be the right thing for me. Personal Power for me is knowing what I want to do with my life and having not only the desire to do it but the know how and the Courage to get it done.

I hope that during your stay here you will find in something that you read or see, that touches your soul and helps you to go after your dreams, because no matter what happens in our lives you have the ability to over come and Heal your Heart!


I would like to thank all of the beautiful people who have joined me in my journey, those who have contributed to this site and those who are silently, here in spirit, you are all an insperation to me and are the reason for

Healing Hearts.


God Bless You All !


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