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Janet E. - 12/02/00 00:33:43
My Email:MapleJan@aol.com

I am so pleased to find your Healing Hearts page. All of us survivors need a safe place to visit. I believe we all have it in our hearts to help others. Thank you.

fernando - 07/14/00 02:00:14
My Email:fernando_celaya@yahoo.com

Iam a a 36 ys. old man who love want to give you mis best regards for the brave response over your situations in your life. I hope you are now a most complete human been & ( felicidades ) be happy an brave in every day of your life. (good love you & care you)

Lesley - 06/07/00 10:32:56
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Hi there. I read your story and I hope that you will continue to heal and are able to get on with things. Cheers Lesley

Vic - 05/30/00 19:14:21
My Email:vicbrouwers@cs.com

Hey ! I just read your story, it's amazing how it's sounds like mine !!! I think your writting is great and you should write a book, I've been thinking about doing that but unfortunatly my memories are not so great. I still have a lot of blackouts, just pictu es keep coming back to my mind or through nightmares. I've been through therapy for one year. Like you said so beautifully, I am trying to find out who am I ???? I think you're very fortunate to have a family on your own now, and you seem to be going along great with your life. I am so happy for you !! :-) As of the "father", i think I understood you don't have any contact with him anymore. You've made a great step doing that. Mine keeps coming back once a year for Chritmas time and my mom (who has bordeline personality disorder) keeps bringing him to my ouse !!!! I haven't had the power yet to tell him to get out of my life. I feel so weak. I hope that by next december, I'll be powerful enough to tell him off like you did on the porch that day you yelled at him, that must have been such a relief !!! You didn't say if you married your fiancee or is it someone else, anyways, I hope your husband is nice with you and understanding. I have a boyfriend who is really sweet, he's very cooperative with the therapy (i have a hard time with having sex), and I can't wait to have a family on my own. Good luck to you and hope to hear from you.... Vic

Mojo - 05/27/00 01:47:23
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I am glad you have a site here that is here to let others know they aren't alone. I am sorry you went through what you did. I sent your url on to some friends.

monica thompson - 05/24/00 07:05:06
My Email:monthmp@home,com

Hello i read the story, and it was sad. it made me cry. But i strongly encourage you to write a book. You have been through so much abuse. I pray that you will heal. and you have a beautiful family. With care, MON

Karen - 05/22/00 14:54:51
My Email:DaBabyGirl@webtv.net

I found your story very moveing. I too am a suvivor,I've been in therapy for 23 years on and off.I just can't leave it in the past,it keeps comming back to haunt me.Thanks for your site at least I'm not alone.~Karen~

Robbin - 05/21/00 20:50:05
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Hi Diana. Thank you for sharing your story. Your website looks great. Keep up the good work! From one survivor to another...**hugs** Robbin

Amy - 05/18/00 00:43:15
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My Email:amysanger@yahoo.com

Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are truly an inspiration. Your thoughts and words are going to help many people :)

Dawn - 05/17/00 16:55:43
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/poets_song
My Email:sing-to-me@rocketmail.com

I came to visit your page and you have touched my heart with your story and words. I wish you peace on your healing journey. It is good to know that we are not alone on this long difficult journey...it is also important to know that it will not hurt for ver. Thanks for visiting my page also. :)

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