Healing Hearts Foundation

Providing support, counceling, understanding and hope to child and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest.

Although the Healing Hearts foundation is a new program, founded in Feb 2001 we are commited to providing the best opportunity possiable for all survivors to gain access to counceling, and support as they travel down the long and sometimes very lonely road to recovery.

Our Mission Statement

A place for survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and incest to find safety, love, support, understanding, and friendship, because when the heart of a child is broken, sometimes it takes more than love to pick up the pieces.

The main purpose of Healing Hearts is to do just that, to help int he healing of the hearts of children and adults who have been sexually abused.

To bring this very taboo subject to the attention of our socity giving hope to those who are suffering in silence, that there is safety, love, support, understanding and friendship, now and forever.

Healing Hearts is here to send a message to all who would hurt our children in this manner and to those who choose to close their eyes to these crimes against our children, that this is not longer acceptiable behavior, and will not be tollerated, we hope to encourage our community leaders to enforce the laws that are inplace in this country and work toward making them stronger so that our children can see and believe that they are our priority and that we will do everything in our power to keep them all safe!

Starting today we are able to provide the following services.

-Support system in court for victims and survivors

-Free information on how to keep your children and yourself safe

-Referal service to councelers and treatment centers in your area

-Legal information you should know - your rights and responcibilities, what to expect in court

As of today, we are not able to provide any money for the following, but hope to be able to recieve enough contrabutions to start soon.

-Free or discounted counceling

-Help with Dr and Medical bills, incured because of abuse

-Help for families who loose major source of income when the choice to leave the perpertrator is made

If you or anyone you know would like to contribute to this cause, please send an email to Healinghearts99@yahoo.com and we will send you the information you need to make your donation.

Thank You.