The Healy Family
We are the Healy Family of 11 (soon 13).
Introducing Kit and Siobhán Healy and kids:
- Benjamin (13)
- Aquila (11)
- Diego-Elias (10)
- RicCardo (9)
- Olivia (8)
- Keánu (6)
- Seán&Saoirse (3, our first set of twins, identical twin boys)
- Schwanhilde (11 months)
- expecting second set of twins in October 2004.
Kit and Siobhán, two island swans.
We are embossed at the Empire State Building
Our castle
Our family at Rifle Gap Falls, Colorado
Seán&Saoirse (3)
Our house and new 15-seater Ford Econoline
Our first ultrasound of our second set of twins!
Papa Kit and the newest addition (so far), Schwanhilde Erika Healy