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The DoMe Ranch is located in Graham, Washington & owned by Ron Palstring. We have a lot of fun riding horses, riding dirt bikes, Four wheelin our trucks through the mud bogs and over the hills. We even rolled a car just for the fun of it and that is why this isn't only a ranch, it is an adventure! Please enjoy these pictures of the ranch & family
Most of these picture are off of video tape and aren't very clear

Dome House Dome House

Ron working Lucky in the round pen Ron & Clay working Lucky
Working Misty's "Lucky" Strike

Ron on Lucky Clay
Ron Palstring & Clay Graham (brothers)

Clay riding Yukon up hill Steve & Josh riding
Clay riding his horse "Yukon" - Our cousin "Steve Turner" riding Daisy & our friend "Josh Erickson" riding his horse "Calie"

Hank on Bonny Clay riding Lucky
Clay's son "Hank" on his pony "Bonny" - Clay riding Lucky

Hills & Bogs (Trucks) | Buck'n Lucky | Lucy (Role over Car)

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