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  • latest Environment Canada forecast & observations
    ( or
  • west coast marine forecasts & hourly observations
  • NW Washinton forecasts
  • this hour's georgia basin pressure slope

    quick guide to converting UTC to local time….
    Winter (PST) 00Z = 4pm, 06Z = 10 pm, 12Z=4 am, 18Z=10 am.
    Summer (PDT) 00Z = 5pm, 06Z = 11 pm, 12Z=5 am, 18Z=11 am.

    Latest Surface weather map with fronts and isobars (US MPC)

  • 00Z (4 pm PST)
  • 06Z (10 pm PST)
  • 12Z (4 am PST)
  • 18Z (10 am PST)

    Observed & forecast charts

    from the CMC (canadian meteorological centre) cmc the "best" forecast pressure maps
  • cmc forecast charts (click on severe weather charts - winter and then choose depending on time looking at them.. this is a bit complicated choose 00z if you're looking at them late at night or early in the morning. Choose 12z if you're looking at them in the afternoon through early evening. These are "4panel" charts - look for the upper right hand panel - pressure (msl) and pressure tendency.
  • US marine prediction centre pick forecast or analysis graphics then pick time & place (northeast pacific)
  • animated forecast winds for canadian waters look for java animator & then click on pacific
  • animated forecast winds from the MM5 computer model
  • animated forecast haro & juan de fuca winds
  • animated forecast pressure loop

    Radar and Satellite and Webcam Links

  • regional radar loop and doppler loop
  • regional satellite loop for day (vis) and for night
  • SAR satellite derived wind speeds
  • all the webcams I can find fromcoastal B.C.
  • satellite photo with lows/fronts & wave heights. Pacific
  • NCEP analysis of fronts on the pacific dd>
  • forecast Meteograms just click on the site of interest!
  • RKK's wind and wave links for the inner south coast
  • RKK's self loading forecast page

    Long Range

  • look no further than the 10 day prog or the ecmwf 6 day prog or the CMC ensemble forecasts to see into the future

    Odds & Ends & wave heights & tides

  • latest observations for BC
  • a san francisco marine weather - some great links
  • animated wave height forecast
  • Is your understanding of weather concepts a little fuzzy?? Check out Bad Meteorology before you get incorrect information embedded in your head! It's very difficult to unlearn something that you learned in your childhood!
  • enough weather links here to keep me happy for life!!
  • washington marine forecast
  • CHS tide tables graphical or tabular
  • Medical Meteorology network - find out the links between all kinds of illness and the weather!
  • need to figure something out?? check out the Weather Calculator
  • find & map any Canadian Geographical Name

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