Groundhog's Holiday

The second month, the second day,
We know is Groundhog's Holiday.
The keeper of the local zoo,
Photographers, reporters, too,
Anxiously await together
Woodchuck's forecast of the weather.
Each year this time he leaves his hearth,
His home beneath good Mother Earth.
He wiggles out to see the sun
And sure enough - ask anyone-
Should he perchance his shadow see,
Back to his home again he'll flee.
And that sign's still the surest thing
Six weeks must pass before it's spring!

Is It True?
Margaret Hillert

The groundhog plays a little game.
(Woodchuck is his other name.)
If he finds no shadow here,
Spring is very, very near.
But if he sees his shadow small,
Winter isn't done at all,
And back into his hole he'll creep
For six more weeks of winter sleep.

The Groundhog

The funny little groundhog
Digs a home in the fall,
And hides there all winter
Rolled up in a ball.
On February 2nd
He comes out of there
To look at the sky
And to sniff the air.

Mr. Groundhog's Shadow

A groundhog lives down deep in the ground.
He sleeps through the winter.
And every year about this time,
He wakes up and wonders,
"Is it time to get out of bed
Or pull the covers back over my head?"
So he pokes his head up out of the ground.
Will he see his shadow?

I'm A Little Groundhog

I'm a little groundhog, it's my day.
Wake and stretch, go out and play.
Down in my burrow, down so deep,
Time to wake, from my long winter's sleep.

Grumble, grumble, scratch, scratch,
Grunt, grunt, yawn.
I'll eat my breakfast in your front lawn.
I'm a little groundhog, it's my day.
Wake and stretch, go out and play.

Mr. Groundhog...

Mr. Groundhog down below
Pops up through the fluffy snow
See his shadow watch him go
Winter's here to stay
OH NO!!!!!!

Mr. Groundhog down below
Pops up through the fluffy snow
Wide awake he wants to play
Spring is on it's way

Groundhog Day
Mary Toots

Groundhog, groundhog,
What do you seek?
As out of your hole
You quietly peek.

If the day be fair
Your shadow will be
Cast on the ground
For all to see.

And back to your lair,
You'll quickly creep
And for six long weeks
Again you'll sleep.

But if we're lucky,
The sky will be gray,
And your shadow
Today will be far away.

Then all of us
Will dance and sing.
'Cause just around the corner
Here comes Spring!

Mr. Groundhog's Day

On February second
The groundhog looked about
The sun was shining brightly
But his shadow wasn't out.

Mr. Woolly Bear was watching
The groundhog search around
"Mr. Groundhog look behind you
Your shadow's on the ground."

"Hooray", the groundhog shouted
"For once we both agree
Six more weeks of winter weather
Six more weeks of sleep for me."

Ms. Groundhog

Fuzzy Wuzzy Groundhog
Huddles in her cave.
On February second,
She comes out big and brave.

If she sees her shadow,
She runs back underground.
Six more weeks of winter
Will keep snow coming down.

If she sees no shadow,
She runs round and round.
"Spring is almost here," she shouts,
As she jumps up and down.

Fun on Groundhog Day
Barbara Walker

There are shadows you make in the sunshine,
There are shadows you make by the lamp,
There are shadows that lurk in the forest
While you tell creepy stories at camp.

There are shadows that help you with puppets,
And shadows; you make just for play,
But the shadow that's famous is Groundhog's,
When he tells whether winter's to stay.

Let's go out very early this morning
And watch for his shadow, my son;
It may not be at all scientific,
But you've got to admit that it's fun!

Oh Mr. Groundhog,
tell what you see
I see my shadow
staring back at me
Winter's not over
I'm going back to bed
Six more weeks with
the covers on my head

Groundhog Day

Old Groundhog stretched in his leafy bed.
He turned over slowly and then he said,
"I wonder if spring is on the way,
I'll go and check the weather today.
If I see my shadow between eleven and noon,
I then will know that I'm out too soon.
I'll crawl back in bed for six weeks more,
Pull up the warm covers and snore and snore.
But if no shadow gives me a scare,
I know that spring is in the air,
I'll wake my friends and wish them cheer,
With glorious news that spring is here."

To the Groundhog

Will you
Won't you
See your shadow?

Will it
Won't it
Really matter?

Do you
Don't you
Grin to see

Take you

Winter Nap
Georgianne Detner

My backyard has a great big hole
Near where Spring flowers grow.
On the second fay of February,
I'll watch it from my window.

I want to see our groundhog
Push up his furry head,
'Cause if he sees his shadow,
He'll go back down to bed!

Groundhog Day

A shy little groundhog left his bed,
"It must be time for spring," he said.
He looked to the left, he looked to the right,
The day was clear and the sun was bright;
He saw his shadow and ran in fright.
Then back to his burrow he crept, he crept,
And six more winter weeks he slept.

The Second of February

There's only the day the whole long year,
That I hope and pray the sun won't appear.
The second of February, you all know,
The groundhog goes searching for his shadow.
If he should find it, the story is told,
We'll have six more weeks of winter's cold.
But if it is cloudy, his shadow's not there,
There'll soon be warm weather and days will be fair.
So please, Mr. Sun, for just this one day.
Find a big dark cloud - and stay away!

Mr. Groundhog

Mr. Groundhog down below,
Pop up through the fluffy snow,
See his shadow watch him go,
Winter's here to stay.

Mr. Groundhog down below,
Pops up through the fluffy snow,
Wide awake he wants to play,
Spring is on it's way.

Little Georgie Groundhog

Way deep down
In a hole in the ground
Lived little Georgie Groundhog
All furry and round.

Little Georgie Groundhog
Popped up one day,
He looked around
And decided to stay.

But just as Little Georgie
Started to play
Out popped his shadow
And frightened him away.

Back down his hole
Little Georgie sped
Back to his home
Back to his bed!

Shadow Time

The furry little groundhog
Goes in his hole to sleep,
Through the cold winter's
Snow and ice so deep,
In February
He stretches to and fro,
Does the furry little groundhog
Get scared by his shadow?

Little Groundhog

There's a little groundhog
Who lives in the ground,
A little groundhog
Who likes to look around.
She comes outside on Groundhog's Day
If she sees her shadow, then she runs away.
There's a little groundhog,
Who loves to stay and play
When spring's on its way.


The groundhog emerges on February two
To see if the sky is sunny and blue.
It seems rather funny
That if it is sunny
The groundhog goes back in his hole
For six weeks of winter.

Little Groundhog

I'm a little groundhog
Short and stout.
On Groundhog Day
I always come out.
If the sun is shining
My shadow, I will see.
If the sun's not out
Then you'll only see me.
Shine, sun, shine
Winter's here for six weeks more.
Shine, sun, shine
Because I want to snore.
If you do not shine
And my shadow's not out,
Spring is here!
Everybody will shout.

Groundhog, Groundhog

Groundhog, groundhog,
Funny little groundhog,
Peep from your warm winter den.
Sunshine, sunshine,
Bright and yellow sunshine,
Back to sleep and hide your head.

Groundhog, groundhog,
Funny little groundhog,
Peep from your warm winter den.
Cloudy, cloudy,
Overcast and cloudy,
Spring's on the way it's said.