Ric (a.k.a. Bluto) and I Pam have been married for 17 sometimes long but always wonderful years. We have two daughters, Erica who is 17, is in the twelthth grade. Krysten now 13 is in the 9th grade. We live in Flint Michigan, the Former Buick City.

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Ric works for General Motors. He works on the Motor Line at the Full Size Truck Plant in Pontiac, MI. Ric was born in England and was a Air Force Brat the first four years of his life. He moved to the Flint area then, and is a graduate from Flint's Central High School, Class of 1977. He went to work for GM shortly after graduation. Rics interests are Computers, Golf (I'm not sure which to put first), Jeeps, Hot Rods, Four Wheel Drive Trucks, Motorcycles, and Hunting.


I was born in Sedalia Missouri (State Fair City) the last of five children,and the only girl. I grew up in the Metropolitan area of Dertoit. I moved to the Flint area in 1977, and have been here ever since. I work for the Genesee School District as a Playground Supervisor, so I have summers off. I enjoy Gardening, Crafts, and of course the Computer.


As I mentioned earlier Erica turned 17 on the 7th of July. She enjoys Music, mainly rock and classsic rock, talking on the phone with her friends, shopping,(like what teenager doesn't)bugging her younger sister, reading books by Christopher Pike, and being online. She is attending the area Skill Center as part of her High
School curiculum, and taking Information Systems. She is
planning on persuing the same field in college and possibly
teaching in that area.

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Krysten turned 13 on September 10th. She is a typical kid.
She enjoys listening to music, talking on the phone, being with her friends,
getting out of any form of work,and goofing off as much as possible.
This will be her first year in High School. She hasn't really expressed a interest in what she would like to be when she grows up. She is very fond of all kinds of animals so maybe she will go into a field dealing with them.


Buster arrived at our home on Feb. 22, 1997, and was born on Dec.26 1996. He is an English Springer Spaniel. Buster is eight weeks old in this picture. Getting used to having a puppy in the house was harder than I remembered.He was such a little bundle of energy, always on the go. So far he has Chewed more things in the house than I can remember. He was literally eating us our of house and home.

I'm happy to report that he has left the chewing phase behind him.
He is a cuddle monster now. I can't sit down without
him getting up next to me for a tummy rub. Which I don't mind at all.
Buster is pretty much always at my side, except when he is wrestling with our other two dogs.


Louie came to us in June of 1998. For a chocolate Lab he was
in pretty sad shape. Louie was 5 1/2 months old and weighed about 40 lbs.
For some strange reason he couldn't keep a home.
All he needed was some love, attention and a little bit a patience.
Louie and Buster became fast friends.
They spend many a hour romping together in the yard.

Louie is one smart dog, he has figured out how to get out of his
locked kennel, to open closed doors from the inside,
to sit pretty, shake hands, and play dead in less than a years time.
Louie has also settled into family life enough to were he can
now cuddle and show affection. This is the feat that I am most proud of.


Lucky! Everyone thought that Lucky was going to cost me my marriage.
Ric and I were at a Charity Auction, where the proceeds
went to sponsor Christmas for needy families. The list of items showed a Black Lab Pup.
He was the last item listed, and we talked about it.
Just before the auction started the breeders showed up with him.
That was all it took, we decided we would bid on Lucky.
Ric needed to leave for a few minutes with a friend, thinking that the pup
would be the last thing bid on, he asumed he had lots of time.
To my surprise they decided to move Lucky up to first
so the breeders could take him home. He was only 3 weeks old
and needed to get back to his momma. The bidding started at $100.00
and quickley ran up to $200.00, where there was a lull.
I was waiting on Ric to get back, but the puppy was going to be
sold for $200.00 so I bid $205.00. Anyway I finally got Lucky for $310.00.
When Ric returned I was sitting holding our newest addition to the family
and there was absolute silence. Everyone was sure he would explode when I told
him what I paid for the puppy. Much to their disappointment his reply was
"I don't think I would have bid that high but it's all going to a good cause anyway.
What are you going to name him." He was the 7th of the liter so I named him Lucky.

Lucky came home to live with us on Dec. 26th 1999.
Busters 2nd birthday. He was 6 weeks old, and weighed 9 lbs..
At 6 months he weighed in at a hefty 74 lbs.. He is one big boy.
I think he and Louie have figured out that they have more than just the same home in common.
He seems to associate more with Louie than Buster.


Baby adopted us in June of 1993. We were at the local Childrens farm.
Their were a bunch of kittens out in one of the barns.
People seem to like to drop off their unwanted cats out their.
We had spent quite awhile out there holding the kittens.
But Baby was not one of the ones we had paid any attention to.
Anyway we finished touring the rest of the farm, and headed to our car to leave.
That is when we discoverd we were being followed.
We took and walked him back out to the barn and petted him goodbye.
Just as we reached the car, their he was again.
So we walked him back out to the barn again.
This time we ran to the car, only to find Baby right on our heels.
So once again we went to the barn, put him way up high on the hay stack
with all the momma cats and ran.
This time we made it into the car, but so did he.
I told the girls if he is that determined to go home with us,
I guess he will then. Ric didn't speak to me for a week, but he was worth the silence.


Mickey was Krystens 10th birthday present, so he is nearly
four years old now. Our neighbors Mark and Lori had
Cockateels and got her interested in them.
They recommended a breeder that they new of, that was near by.
He was hand raised by the breeders, so he is very used to
being handled by humans.

Mickey is a very affectionate bird. He likes to sit on your
shoulder and take nibbles of what ever you are eating. His all
time favorite food is mashed potatoes. We have to give
him a bath when he is through with them. He has himself covered in them.

Our mistake was not thinking about a bird and bird dogs.
Ginger and Pepper were up in years when he came into our lives.
They sniffed him when we brought him home and that is all
the interest they showed in him. Baby on occasion will sit
ontop the cage to watch him. But never has tried to claw at him.
Buster grew up having the bird in the house so he didn't think anything
of him. Louie on the other hand thought he was his personal toy.
I guess his previous owner had tried to make a duck hunter out of him.
So the first time I had Mickey out with Louie he made a beeline straight
for him. Good thing Labs are south mouthed. Not a mark on Mickey.
Although I did break my coffee cup in the mayham.
Now with Louie's interest in the bird the other two think
he is a special treat. So we have to be very careful when we
get him out of his cage. No more sitting on the couch looking out the window.


Pepper was our ten year old Lab/Cheseapeak Retriever. She developed bone cancer and we had to put her down in Oct. of 99. We got her in Grayling Michigan at Weavers Gifts. Ric just couldn't resist the doggy in the window. Had to go in and ask how much. I was dead set against having two dogs. He hit my soft spot though, got the girls to start begging me. So we are standing on main street, deciding if we really need this puppy and I notice we are the only people there. This is tourist city central and not a soul in sight. After we pay for the new puppy, we stop at a local grocery store to get food, collar and leash for her and the grocerier informs us that there is a tornado
warning out, that the funnel has been spotted a mile north of town.
Well that explained why we were the only idiots on the street.
The funnel didn't touch down, and Pepper has been a joy to have in our family.


Center>Ginger was our fourteen year old Irish Setter. We had to have her put down on Feb. 24, 1997.

Ginger was a mother hen, when the girls were younger she would go from door to window to window to keep her eye on them. She took Pepper under her wing and taught her all the rules of the house. I think Gingers punishment was worse than ours. Pepper never did make to many mistakes.

Ginger was a source of joy to us, and I am so happy she was a part of our lives. She is sadly missed.

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