It's finally time to start planning for my garden "97". The stores are getting seeds in and the garden catalogs are published. I can hardly wait for the warm weather to get here. I've developed a severe case of cabin fever, and these signs of spring are most welcomed. I guess its time to do some serious surfing and find the most interesting and informative garden info available. So stay tuned as I finally get this page underway.

2/17/97- I have been tearing up the search engines looking for what garden information is already available, and sorting through it. I figured the first thing, was to see what is available to grow. So here are all the online companys that I could find, that carry seeds and plants. I've ordered my catalogs, and am awaiting their arrival. Guess I'll spend some time looking at some of the interesting homepages I bookmarked to see which ones I would like to feature here.That is until the catalogs arrive.

4/25/97- Well it seemed to take forever for the catalogs to arrive. They slowly trickled in starting about the second week of March. A person can go bankrupt just looking through them. A made a list of what seeds I wanted and started doing some comparative pricing. The best deal I found was at Home Depot, where they had all Burpee Seeds for half price. So the first week of April I bought all the flats, peat pots, soil and seeds, and had myself a good time. I made a mini greenhouse in one section of my basement. I enclosed it all in plastic, added a space heater, a fan to circulate the air, five sets of grow lights, and as many tables and shelves as I could scrounge up. I'm happy to say everything is doing great. Most have already produced their first set of true leaves,and some have even more.

My next dilema is to figure out where I'm going to harden off these new plants. The new puppy has a fondness for sitting on the flats. So anywhere in the backyard is now out of the question. The front porch only gets morning light and is then quite shady. Plus the bird feeder is near there, and I'm not wanting them to be a feast for the birds. That just leaves me with the front flower garden. I think that is my best bet. I can set up some shading and cover them over at night to keep the heat in.

Things have finally dried up enough to where tomorrow is going to be soil prep day. Ric will run the tiller and I get to haul everything to and from the gardens, and do any and all the necessary running around. I can hardly wait.

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