The day they killed my Jesus
Those many years ago
Was the day they set me free from sin
And set my heart aglow

The promises He gave me
I hold Him to you know
Because He constantly reminds me
That He'll never let me go

With gentleness and tenderness
He guides me through His paths
So that one day I may sit with Him
Protected from God's wrath

The joy and peace I'm feeling
I pray everyone can know
Because this world can try to turn you
To send you spiralling below

His path is not an easy one
His ways are strong and true
But if you lean upon His shoulder
He can help you through

To set my eyes on Jesus
To be humbled by His grace
I blindly walk on faith alone
As He has set the pace

I accept the trials He has sent me
Give Him praise and prayer alone
For one day He'll return to earth
And THIS bride is going home.

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