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Enter the Art Gallery
Resources here include links to both Art and Science exhibits in museums and galleries.

Enter the Garage to -
travel to favorite sites, search for jobs, travel, go to malls, go to theaters...

Enter the Garden
Resources here include links to general gardening info, speciality gardens, and info on butterflies, birds, etc.

Enter the Genealogy Workroom
Resources here include: Genealogical links; PAF User Group Home Pages; Adoption Data (not exclusively genealogical); Cemeteries on the Web; Missing Persons/ Reunion Info; History and Geography Links; Maps and Other Tools; Military; Native American resources (not exclusively genealogical); Irish Genealogical links; German Genealogical links; and Jewish Genealogical Links.

Enter the Guest Room - Children
Links here include many activities and items of interest for kids including games, pets, e-books, and even tips for homework, if needed.

Enter the Kitchen
Links here include recipes, coupons, culinary issues, restaurant data, etc.

Enter the Library
Resources here include links to reference books as well as favorite books and authors.

Enter the Logistics Engineering Workroom
Resources here include: ISO-9000; CALS; Maintenance and Support Equipment; Ergonomics and Safety; Reliability and Maintainability; and many other logistics issues. Or you can go directly to the list of Corporations.

Enter the Study
Resources here include tax and financial info; stock and bonds info; reference data; etc.

Rooms still in development:
Chapel .. in development.
Health Issues/1st Aid .. in development.
Music Room
Reading Room
Science Lab
Sewing and Crafts Room .. in development.
Sports Area/Gym

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